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Feature Articles

The Sheffield Flyer
George Littlewood sets a record that endures.

The Silver Lining in a Melrose Attic
Clarence DeMar wins and loses a trophy

A Digital Fantasy
The 2013 Harford Marathon Poster - Done in sixties retro style.

The 1918 Boston Marathon Military Relay
A participant's letter provides an insider's look at the race.

A Postcard from the Nazi Olympics
Johnny Kelley writes from Berlin in the summer of '36. Updated with a second postcard written the day before his big race...

Wanamaker Mile Champions List
Someone needed to get the list on the web, so we did...

Run For Your Life - The Fred Lebow Story
Our review of a fascinating documentary...

Clarence H. DeMar Buried Treasure - Found with a "Medal" Detector
X marks the spot...

Edward Payson Weston
Long distance walker extraordinaire from the late 1800s...

The 1954 Boston Marathon - in 3D!
We bring a new dimension to an old marathon...

Running's Ruby Slippers
Jim Fixx's famous shoes were found, and they weren't in Kansas...

A Run of One's Own
By Roberta "Bobbi" Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon...

Chariots of Fire Special Edition DVD - Our Review
Our favorite movie gets the royal treatment...

The 1898 Boston Marathon
A look at the 2nd running...

Run Dad Run!
A childrens book with a running theme...

Lydiard & Snell - A Portrait of New Zealand's Best
The men in black earned gold....

The First Americans at the Olympics Games
A first person account of the 1896 Games...in four parts.

Painting Old Kel'
Follow along as Johnny Kelley's portrait is created for a magazine cover...

Copernicus, Passion and the Ungirt Runner
John J. Kelley's induction to the Hall of Fame...

A Letter From Steve Prefontaine
Steve Prefontaine drops a line to a runner with potential....

Uta's Back!
Uta Pippig returns to racing...

Steve Prefontaine - The Value of a Legend
A look at the current market for Pre memorabilia...

Clarence H. DeMar Clarence H. DeMar 
Writes Home From The Front
A collector makes a rare find!
Running Memorabilia 101
Advice on what's available and where to look.

"Love your running collectibles page."
Amby Burfoot,  Editor- Runner's World
The Runners Heritage Collection
Running history is represented on a set of note cards now available...
As seen in Runner's World.

Event Coverage

The 2005 Tradition Run - Late but Great!

The 2004 Tradition Run - A White-Out!

The 2002 NYC Mini Marathon 10K
The ladies go for a world record...

The 2002 Tradition Run
Connecticut runners get chilly on the hill...

Vintage video...See the 1961 Boston Marathon for yourself!

The 2001 Tradition Run
32 years of ice, snow and one big hill. Are we having fun yet?

The 1999 Boston Marathon
The view from Framingham.
What makes Colleen DeRueck's water bottles special? Find out here...

Boston '98

A Scrapbook of Marathon Weekend Action
Race photos of the leaders and more!

Double World Records!
The 1998 New Haven Labor Day 20K is one for the history books...

Race Posters & Artwork

A Sneak Preview of the 2004 Boston Marathon Poster
A vintage approach to the world's greatest footrace...

The 2003 ING New York City Marathon Poster
A look to the past for this year's poster...

The 2003 Boilermaker 15K - Hall of Fame Induction Poster
Slaney, Ryun, Young, and one awesome 15K...

The 2003 Boston Marathon Poster
A view from the inside

The 2002 Hartford Marathon Poster
The arch towers over the race...

The 2002 NYC Marathon Poster
A sneak preview...

Hall of Fame Class of 2002 Induction Poster
They're just giving it away...

The 2002 Boilermaker 15k Poster
25 years and one big party...

The 2001 Hartford Marathon Poster
The Old State House is looking good...

The 2001 Boilermaker 15k Poster
America's 15K get's the artistic treatment...

The 2000 New York City Marathon Poster

The 2000 Hartford Marathon Poster

The 1999 New York City Marathon Poster
The entire race captured in one image...

The 1999 Hartford Marathon Poster
Our resident artist portrays the colorful autumn race...

The Quotable Runner Training Log
A brand new training log that turns running inspiration into an art!

The 1998 Boston Marathon Poster
The artist unveils a classic representation of the greatest footrace in the world...

The 1997 Boston Marathon Poster
The artist describes how it was painted.  Hey, you can order one too!
"An artistical masterpiece." -- Podismo, the Italian running magazine.

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