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The Quotable Runner Training Log

"To be great, you don't have to
be mad, but, definitely, it helps."

--Percy Cerutty
Australian coach

We are currently out of stock of this running log.
The publisher may do another print run but nothing is definite.

Here's a link to other sites that sell this log: Quotable Logs list on Google

A Weekly Logbook and Source of Running Inspiration by Mark Will-Weber

With Illustrations by Andy Yelenak

The immensely popular book The Quotable Runner is now also a training log!

Each day has space for recording your run and it's details.

Each week features a huge, inspirational quotation from a famous runner (or from an impassioned observer).

Published by Breakaway Books.

Frank Shorter as drawn by Andy Yelenak.
Each month features brilliant illustrated portaits of great runners, from pre-eminent sports artist Andy Yelenak; along with an extended area for recording larger trends.

Each month also has an essay by Mark Will-Weber and some interesting bits of running trivia. All in all, it's the perfect way to stay inspired, focused, and strong- for a year of running.

Any Quotable Runner Training Log ordered through Running Past can be autographed by artist Andy Yelenak at no additional charge.

Customer Response:

"They're great! My son will definitely enjoy it. I know I will. They are definitely the best running logs I ever saw."

  • --B. H. in Blackwell, NJ.

Price $12.95 plus $3.20 USPS Priority shipping. Ordering information.

"God has given me the ability. The rest is up to me. Believe. Believe. Believe."

--Billy Mills
Training diary entry prior to winning the Tokyo Olympics 10,000m.

"Standing at the starting line, we are all cowards."

--Alberto Salazar

"You have to forget your last marathon before you can try another. Your mind can't know what's coming."

--Frank Shorter


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