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Running Past Trivia Contest

The longest running trivia contest on the web, in our 22nd year!

Here's where you can test your knowledge of arcane facts from the history of track & field!

It's your chance to win unusual prizes straight from the Running Past collection of running memorabilia.

The Rules

Each month we will post a trivia question about track & field. Everyone that e-mails us with the correct answer during that month will be entered in a random drawing for that month's prize.  The winner and the answer will be posted here.

How To Enter

E-mail your answer to us at trivia@runningpast.com.
Please put "Trivia" as the subject of your email
so it will stand out from all the spam we get.

The Current Trivia Question

For November 2020

In what year did Frank Shorter win the Sullivan Award, for being the US Amateur Athlete of the Year?

We currently have 1 correct entry so far this month.


The Prize

This month the winner will receive an awesome autographed 2012 Panini Frank Shorter card!
(So nice we hate to see it go...)

The Most Recent Winner

Trivia Archive

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Previous Questions, Answers and Winners

For October 2020

In what year were the Olympics held in Gwen Torrence's home town?

Only 7 entrants recognized Atlanta, Georgia as Gwen's home town...Which hosted the Olympics in 1996.

Doris of parts curently unknown is our official winner for October and Doris will receive this autographed Gwen Torrence card!

For August/September 2020

At the 1972 Munich Games in what event, other than the marathon, did Frank Shorter compete in and set an Ameerican record?

12 entrants knew that Frank also competed in the 10,000m in '72 and Robert Young of parts currently unknown is our winner this month. Robert will receive this autographed Frank Shorter card!

For July 2020

Of these American greats, who won the most Olympic Medals?

Bill Rodgers
Jim Ryun
Frank Shorter
Steve Prefontaine

11 entrants knew the Olympic medal totals for these four are:

Frank Shorter 2 (1 gold, 1 silver)
im Ryun 1 silver
Bill Rodgers 0
Steve Prefontaine 0

Pat Ratkovich of Menominee, Michigan is our winner and Pat will receive this Bill Rodgers poster!

For May/June 2020

What event inspired the B.A.A. to hold the first Boston Marathon?

Only 10 entrants knew that the B.A.A. was inspired by the first Olumpic Marathon in Athens in 1896, won by Spiridon Louis. The first Boston Marathon took place the foloowing year.

Jonathan Post of Covington, Georgia is our winner this month and Jonathan will receive this 1998 Boston Maratrhon lithograph signed by the artist!

For March/April 2020

Where in Walt Disney World does a sculpture of 9-time NYC Marathon Champion Grete Waitz appear?

12 entrants knew the lovely Grete has been honored with a bronze statue at the Norway Pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase.

Our winner is Vincent Bracy of the Bronx, New Yorkand he will receive our poster of Grete!

For January/February 2020

Before 2020, when was the last time the summer Olympic Games were held in Tokyo?

12 entrants recalled that the last Olympic games held in Tokyo were in 1964. Our winner this month is Dave Stabnau of Northfield, New Jersey, and he will receive our poster of the legendaryTriple Gold Medalist Emil Zatopek!

For November/December 2019

The 2 Hour Barrier for running 26.2 miles was just broken...Where did it happen?

16 entrants knew that Eliud Kipchoge ran the marathon distance in 1:59:40 in Vienna, Austria. Our winner is Zachary Toothman of Fairmont, West Virginia. Zachary will receive this NYC Marathon lithograph signd by artist Andy Yelenak!


For October 2019

Who is the only "Bell" to win an Olympic Gold Medal?

Greg Bell won the Long Jump in the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, becoming the only "Bell" to ring up a Gold Medal in the Olympics.

9 entrants chimed in with the correct answer and Kathy Hornick of Harrisonburg, Virginia is this month's winner. We hope Kathy finds her trivia prize appealing, it's a Boston Marathon Cowbell!

For August/September 2019

Olympic and World Champion Carmelita Jeter competed for which university?

11 entrants made the educated guess of California State University, Dominguez Hills and Paul Zeizel of Brookline, Massachusetts is our winner...

This month our winner will receive a Topps Carmelita Jeter U.S Olympic Team Relic Card featuring a piece of athlete-worn memorabilia!

For May/June/July

When legendary Olympic Champion high jumper Dick Fosbury does the flop, which is his plant or take off foot?

The odds were pretty good if you just guessed on thuis one, but 11 entrants knew Fosbury starts his flop jumping off his right foot. Check the video below... Michael Fleming of Beaverton, Oregon is our winner and he will receive this autographed trading card of Olympic Gold Medalist Dick Fosbury!

We extended this contest for 3 months due to medical issues here at our Trivia Command Center.



For April 2019

You missed our annual free Boston Marathon Prediction Contest!

Kenya's Lawrence Cherono won the Boston Marathon in dramatic fashion, out-kicking Ethiopia's Lelisa Desisa to win at the tape by 2 seconds.

We only had two correct entrants picking Cherono as the winner and after a flip of the coin our contest winner is:

Danny Goode of Newberg, Oregon.

Danny receives...

The Grand Prize

The winner will receive this limited edition lithograph, "A Boston Legacy " commemorating the legacy of marathoning excellence passed from friend to friend, coach to athlete and roommate to roommate.

John A. Kelley (1907-2004) , John J. Kelley (1930-2011) , Amby Burfoot and Bill Rodgers all became Boston Marathon champions and icons. All have autographed this print and it is signed and numbered by marathon artist Andy Yelenak.

For February/March 2019

Which Olympic Gold Medalist is pictured here?

14 entrants hopped to it and identified Dick Fosbury doing the famous "Fosbury Flop" on the card above. Dick has autographed the card and it will go to Dave Dylis of New Hartford, New York, our lucky winner this month!

For January 2019

Which Boston Marathon Champion is pictured here?

The big clue here Is "Pawtucket" on our mystery champion's shirt. That leads us to Les Pawson of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, seen here finishing the 1940 Boston Marathon.

We had 20 correct entrants this month and fellow Rhode Islander Eric Benevides of Johnston, RI is our winner!

This month our winner will receive this 1998 Boston Marathon lithograph signed by artist Andy Yelenak!

For November/December 2018

Which male runner has equaled 2018 Champion Mary Keitany's four NYC Marathon wins?

The runner that equaled Mary's four NYC wins was of course Bill Rodgers who won four consecutive years, 1976 through 1979. We had 16 correct entrants and Lynne Richesin-Plouffe of Hope Valley, Rhode Island was selected as our winner.

Lynne will receive a 30th Anniversary NYC Marathon lithograph signed by artist. Congratulations!

For October 2018

What is the new world record for the Marathon?
(still to be ratified by the IAAF)

13 entrants submitted the correct answer of 2:01:39 run by Eliud Kipchoge at the 2018 Berlin Marathon.

Peter Vosshall of Bainbridge Island, Washington is our winner this month and he will receive this mint condition, vintage 1998 hardcover book, "26 Miles to Boston" by Michael Connelly!

For August/September 2018

What is the name of the bar that marks the starting line of the Falmouth Road Race?

22 entrants thought that question rang a bell, and they answered correctly with the Captain Kidd Restaurant. And our winner, matey, is Francine Maffit of Painesville, Ohio. Francine will shortly receive this fine Boston Marathon cowbell!

For June/July 2018

In honor of Billy Mills' 80th birthday on June 30th...

Billy Mills was on two national championship teams for which school?

As 22 entrants knew, Billy was on the University of Kansas track team when they won outdoor National Championships in 1959 and 1960. Danny Goode of parts currently unknown is our winner and he will receive our Billy Mills poster. Congratulations Danny!

For May 2018

Which Beatles' song includes the lyric:
"You got me running...and there's no fun in it..."?

13 people entered our sing-a-long and knew those lyrics come from the Beatles' 1964 release, "What You're Doing" off their "Beatles for Sale" album. John Williams-Searle of Albany, New York is our winner and John (not Paul or Ringo) will receive our Steve Prefontaine poster!

For April 2018

Predict the winner of the Boston Marathon

David Stabnau of New Jersey was the only person out of 21 entrants to amazingly predict Yuki Kawauchi would win the Boston Marathon...and he takes home our Grand Prize:

The Grand Prize

David will receive this limited edition lithograph, "A Boston Legacy " commemorating the legacy of marathoning excellence passed from friend to friend, coach to athlete and roommate to roommate.

John A. Kelley (1907-2004) , John J. Kelley (1930-2011) , Amby Burfoot and Bill Rodgers all became Boston Marathon champions and icons. All have autographed this print and it is signed and numbered by marathon artist Andy Yelenak.

For March 2018

"In what year was Henry Rono ranked the #1 runner in the world?"

We have 20 correct entries who knew Henry's big year was 1978 when he shattered the world records for the 3000m, 5000m, 10000m and the 3000m Steeplechase.

Our winner is Pat Connors of Alton, New Hampshire who will collect this autographed Henry Rono card for his efforts!

For January & February 2018

Once it was always run on April 19th... "In what year was the Boston Marathon permanently changed to being run on a Monday?"

28 entrants submitted the timely correct answer. The Boston Marathon was permanently switched to the third Monday in April in 1969.

Kent Kurfman of Greenville, South Carolina was selected as our winner and Kurt will receive a 1997 Boston Marathon lithograph signed by artist Andy Yelenak.

For December 2017

Who won the Boston Marathon in 1998?

21 entrants correctly submitted Moses Tanui as the winner of Boston's 1998 edition. Mike Regis of Daytona Beach, Florida is our winner for December and Mike will receive this 1998 Boston Marathon lithograph signed by artist Andy Yelenak!

For November 2017

Who was the last American woman to win the New York City Marathon before Shalane?

14 entrants correctly answered Miki Gorman, who won NY in 1977.

Jon Silkowitz of Brooklyn, New York is our winner for November and he will receive a 2000 New York City Marathon poster signed by the artist, congrats Jon!

For October 2017

Who has the most NYC Marathon victories?

15 entrants knew the charming Grete Waitz won the NYC Marathon 9 times. Scott Flynn of Wallingford, Connecticut is our winner and he will receive this 30th Anniversary NYC Marathon lithograph signed by artist Andy Yelenak.

For September 2017

In what year did the NYC Marathon first run through all five boroughs?

The year was 1976 when the NYC Marathon took over the entire city. Previously it had been run only in Central Park. We had 15 successful entries and Anne Nault of Escanaba, Michigan was our winner. Anne will receive this 2002 NYC Marathon lithograph signed by artist Andy Yelenak.

For August 2017

How long is the Boilermaker Road Race?

16 entrants went the distance, knowing the Boilermaker Road Race is the US National 15K Championship...or 9.3 miles.

Rosemary Aiff of Candia, New Hampshire is our winner for August and will receive a 2017 40th Anniversary Boilermaker Road Race poster signed by artist Andy Yelenak, congrats Rosemary!

For July 2017

Before Meb Keflezighi who was the last American man to win the Boston Marathon?

14 entrants recognized Greg Meyer as the previous Americn to win the Boston Marathon before Meb, which he did in 1983. Molly Burke of Wendell, North Carolina is our winner for July and she will receive this autographed 2015 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions card of Meb Keflezighi.

For June 2017

Shalane Flanagan won her Olympic Medal in which event?

15 sharp-eyed entrants knew that at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Shalane Flanagan finished third in the Olympic 10,000 m finals in Beijing, capturing the bronze medal.

In addition, in April 2017, Flanagan was upgraded to the silver medal after Elvan Abeylegesse had her medal stripped as a result of a doping violation.

Angie Metzger of parts currently unknown is our winner this momnth and she will receive this hard cover cookbook autographed by authors Elyse Kopecky and 3 time Olympian Shalane Flanagan!

Many thanks to Michael Weisberg for donating this month's prize!

For May 2017

1936 and 1939 Boston Marathon Champion Ellison "Tarzan" Brown was a member of which Indian Tribe?

We had 11 correct entries this month, all knowing Ellison Brown, also known as Deerfoot, was a member of the Narragansett tribe of Rhode Island. Our winner is Richard Alff of Candia, New Hampshire , congratulations Richard!

For April 2017

Predict the winner of the Boston Marathon

We had no winner as no one picked Geoffrey Kirui.
Better luck next year!

For March 2017

Whose portrait is that on the cover shown below?

This turned out to be tougher than we expected. Guesses included J.J. McDermott, Johnn A. Kelley, John J. Kelley & Bill Rodgers. Only 3 entrants had it right, it is 7 time Boston Marathon winner Clarence H DeMar, "Mr. DeMar-athon" who dominated the Boston Marathon in the 1920s.

Deborah Krantz of Wells, Michigan is our winner this month an she will receive this 2006 Special Commemorative Editon Boston Marathon & Beyond Magazine signed by cover artist Andy Yelenak.

For February 2017

For the 1960 Olympic Summer games the Olympic flame traveled between which two cities, which were considered two great pillars of Western Civilization?

The Olympic flame traveled between Athens and Rome for the 1960 Summer Olympics and 12 entrants with a classical education recognized these two pillars of Western Civilization.

Someone named Ellen of parts currently unknown is our winner for February and Ellen will receive a 1997 Boston Marathon lithograph signed by artist Andy Yelenak.

For January 2017

How many Olympic Gold Medals has Jeremy Wariner won?

400 meter star Jeremy Wariner won 3 Olympic Gold medals, in the 400 and 4x400 relay at the 2004 Athens Games and in the 4x400 relay at Beijing in 2008.

We 22 correct entries and Michael Weisberg of Manhattan Beach, California is our winner! Michael will receive a 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions card autographed by Olympic Gold Medalist Jeremy Wariner!

For December 2016

Who won the first Boston Marathon?

11 entrants knew JJ McDermott won the inaugural running of the Boston Mararthon. Charles Rogers of Indianapolis, Indiana had his name drawn as our winner this month. He will receive a 1998 Official Boston marathon lithograph signed by artist Andy Yelenak!

For November 2016

Who won the NY Marathon men's race last year?

As 16 entrants recognized,Stanley Biwott was the NYC winner in 2015.
Patrick Ratkovich
of Menominee, Michigan was selected as or winner and Patrick will receive a 1999 New York City Marathon poster signed by artist Andy Yelenak!

For September \ October 2016

What year was Ingrid Kristiansen's best of her running career?

1986 was Kristiansen's best year in running She won the Boston Marathon, she set a new world record in the 10,000m (30:13.3) then she broke the 5,000 m world record, running 14:37.89. She won the Chicago Marathon, running 2:27:08 and she ended the year winning the 10,000m European Championships running the 2nd fastest time ever (30:23.3).

We had 18 correct entries and our winner is Diane Therkildsen of Indianapolis, Indiana , who will receive this autograph by Ingrid Kristiansen!

For August 2016

Seven time Boston Marathon Champion Clarence DeMar competed in how many Olympics?

16 people entered the correct answer...Three. Clarence DeMar competed in the 1912, 1924 and 1928 Olympic Games. Our winner this month is Dave Kromer of Danville, California and he will receive a 1928 Clarence DeMar card. Congrats Dave!.



For July 2016

Albert "Whitey" Michelsen set a world best in which event?

18 entrants recalled that Michelsen set a world best at the the Port Chester Marathon, running 2:29:01 on October 12, 1925. Our winner this month is Daniel Drozdowsky of New Brighton, Minnesota and he will receive an autographed Valerie Briscoe Upper Deck Athletes of the World card!

For May & June 2016

In which Olympics did Dawn Harper win her Gold Medal?

16 entrants knew that Dawn Harper won the 100 meter hurdles in the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008. Ilicia Rodriguez of Eau Claire, Wisconsin is our winner and Ilicia will receive an autographed Dawn Harper 2012 Goodwin Champions card!

For April 2016

Predict the winner of the Boston Marathon

4 entrants picked Lelisa Desisa

3 entrants picked Geoffrey Mutai

2 picked Wilson Chebet

No one selected the winner, Lemi Berhanu Hayle so we'll try again in 2017, better luck next year!

For March 2016

In which Olympic year was Bill Rodgers ranked the #1 Marathoner in the world?

OK, this was a case of us thinking we knew the answer and not double-checking the facts. Bill was ranked #1 in 1975, 1977, 1978 & 1979, none of which was an Olympic year...But the ranking took place in December of those years, so it could be argued that he carried that #1 ranking through the following year until a new #1 was named, which would mean he had that ranking during the Olympic years of 1976 and 1980.

We won't stretch that argument too far, so in this case, anyone who entered will have their name thrown in the hat for the prize drawing.

With 14 entrants Joel Pasternack of Clifton, New Jersey is our lucky winner, he will receive an autographed Bill Rodgers 2009 Goodwin Champions card by Upper Deck!

For February 2016

In what city did Dick Fosbury win his Olympic High Jump Gold Medal?

14 entrants took their time in this Leap Year and jumped into action, answering correctly. Dick Fosbury won his HJ Gold Medal at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games.

Dany Racien of parts currently unknown is our winner. Dany will receive an autographed Dick Fosbury Leaf Award Winners card!




For January 2016

How many nations participated in the first modern Olympic games in 1896?

Sure to be dwarfed by this Summer's Olympics, in 1896 14 nations participated in the first modern games.

We almost equaled that total..We had 13 entrants in our contest and Roger Ringhausen of parts currently unknown is our big winner! Roger will receive an autograph by Boston Marathon champion Uta Pippig!

For December 2015

Who won the first Women's Olympic Marathon?

7 entrants remembered the day in 1984 when Joan Benoit Samuelson entered the Los Angeles Coliseum first and won the inaugural Women's Olympic Marathon.Jerry Fresenko of parts currently unknown is the winner for December and will recieve a 1977 Frank Shorter Sportscaster card. Congratulations Jerry!

For November 2015

Who founded the New York Road Runners Club?

12 entrants recognized Distance Running Hall of Famer Ted Corbitt as the founder of the New York Road Runners Club. Stephane Boelle of Asnières sur Seine, France is our winner for November. He will receive a 2002 New York City Marathon poster, signd by the artist!

For September/October 2015

In what year was the first New Haven 20k Road Race run?

1978 was the year the New Haven Green began being taken over by the New Haven 20K Road Race each Labor Day. Only 10 entrants new this bit of New Haven history and Brian Metzger of Albany, Oregon is our winner this month. He will receive a vintage Finnish Bill Rodgers Sportscaster card!

For August 2015

The Falmouth Road Race runs past which famous lighthouse?

!4 entrants had the right light, answering correctly with the Nobksa Lighthouse, officially known as the Nobska Point Lighthouse. Seth Simonelli of parts currently unknown is our winner this month, Seth will receive a vintage Jim RyunSportscaster card!

For July 2015

How many high school athletes have run a sub 4 minute mile?

Seven high school runners have broken four minutes for the mile. For the first time ever two high schoolers did it this year! Here's the list:

Jim Ryun 3:55.3 1965
Tim Danielson 3:59.4 1966
Marty Liquori 3:59.8 1967
Alan Webb 3.53.43 2001
Lukas Verzbicas 3:59.71 2011
Matthew Maton 3:59.38 2015
Grant Fisher 3:59.38 2015

We had 15 correct entries (and a bunch of incorrect ones...) and David Gentry of Pataskala, Ohio was selected as our winner. Dave will receive an autographed Swedish 1979 Bill Rodgers Sportscaster card!

For June 2015

Who finished second to Frank Shorter in the 1972 Olympic Marathon?

We had 18 entrants correctly submit that Karel Lismont of Belgium won the silver medal in the marathon behind Frank Shorter's gold in the '72 Olympic Games. Tim Doyle of Las Vegas, Nevada is our winner for July and he will; receive an autographed 1977 Frank Shorter Sportscaster card!

For May 2015

What is the name of Steve Prefontaine's high school?

17 entrants knew that Pre attended Marshfield High School in Coos Bay. Oregon. Our winner for May is Vikash Dabriwal of parts currently unknown, and he will receive a Finnish 1978 Steve Prefontaine Sportscaster card!

For April 2015

Predict the winner of the 2015 Boston Marathon

We had five entrants correctly predict that Lelisa Desisa would win the 2015 Boston Marathon. The fab five are:

Raymond Goldstone
Marv Clover
Thomas Wetter
Kevin Hopp
Jackson Brill

To choose our Grand Prize winner we assigned each correct entrant a number, fired up the random number generator and the answer came out, number 5, Jackson Brill, of Boise, Idaho.

Jackson wins our grand prize, "A Boston Legacy" a limited edition lithograph autographed by Boston Marathon Legends John A. Kelley (The Elder), John J. Kelley (The Younger), Amby Burfoot and Bill Rodgers.

Thanks to everyone who entered, good luck next year!

For March 2015

How many times has Uta Pippig won the Boston Marathon?

12 people knew that the charming Uta Pippig won Boston 3 times, consecutive wins in 1994, 1995 and 1996. Angelique Reynolds of parts currently unknown was seleced as this month's winner. Angelique will receive an autograph by Boston Marathon champion Uta Pippig!

For February 2015

In what town did the first Boston Marathon start?

In 1897 the BAA took the train to a point about 25 miles west of Boston, in Ashland Massachusetts, and began the marathon there. Ashland remained the starting point until 1924 when the course was extended to the full official Olympic Marathon distance of 26 miles 385 yards, pushing the starting point west into Hopkinton.

16 entrants knew where to start and Thomas Wetter of Stevens Point, Wisconsin is our winner this month. Thomas will receive a Boston Marathon poster signed by artist Andy Yelenak!

For January 2015

Who started the Tradition Run?

18 correct entrants knew (or looked up) the fact that Bernie Jurale started the Tradition Run, a challenging race in Meriden, Connecticut. Amy Salowitz of Pinckney, Michigan was selected as our winner and Amy will receive an autographed Billy Mills poster!

For December 2014

Who holds the current American Men's record for the 10K?

We had 17 entrants with the correct answer of Galen Rupp who ran 26:44:36 on May 30, 2014. Our winner for December is Michael Almstead of parts currently unknown. Michael will receive an autographed copy of Bobbi Gibb's booklet, "To Boston with Love".

For October/November 2014

Billy Mills not only won the Gold Medal in the Olympic 10K in Tokyo, he set a World Record doing it, what was his time?

23 entrants had the time to say that Billy ran 28:24.4 at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Kevin Hopp of Stevens Point, Wisconsin had his name drawn as our winner this month. Kevin will receive a poster autographed by Billy Mills!

For September 2014

Beside Frank Shorter, who were the other two runners on the 1972 US Olympic Marathon team?

We had 12 entrants recognize that the 1972 US Olympic Marathon triumvirate included Frank Shorter, Kenny Moore and Jack Bachelor. Our winner is Harold Or of Singapore and he will receive a 1991 Impel Frank Shorter card!

For August 2014

60 years ago this month there was a race between the first two sub four minute milers, known as the "Mile of the Century"...

Who won the Mile of the Century?

Our thanks to Raymond Goldstone for this race recap:

The "Mile of the Century" was run on August 7, 1954, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, at the 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games.  Six runners emerged from the two heats, but the world wanted a match between the first 2 runners to have broken the 4-minute mile barrier.  With only two heats, and these two men drawing separate heats, the world had the race for which it clamored:  Roger Bannister competing against John Landy. 

Landy broke fast and dominated most of the race.  Landy led Bannister by 10 yards as the men reached the half way mark; but Bannister ran the third lap in a very fast 59.3, and drew close to Landy as the fourth and final lap began.  Landy was able to open a three yard gap near the final bend of the final lap; but Bannister mustered every fiber of his being and again drew close to Landy in the final straight.  Then "it" happened:  As Landy glanced to his left to gage the gap, Bannister passed him on the right.  With only 70 yards to the finish, Bannister took the lead for the first time in the race.  A lead that he did not relinquish.  Roger Bannister won the "Mile of the Century" with a time of 3:58.8 , only 0.8 ahead of Landy who finished with a time of 3:59.6.

Our winner this month is Ann Arumae of parts currently unknown, out of 11 entrants. Ann will receive a 2014 Distance Running Hall of Fame poster autographed by two of the 2014 inductees, Boston and NYC Marathon Champion Kim Merritt and 2 time NYC Marathon Champion Tom Fleming!

For June & July 2014

About t he National Distance Running Hall of Fame Class of 2014 inductees...

Match the runners with their accomplishments:

Kim Merritt A. 2 time winner of the NYC Marathon
Fred Wilt B. Boston & NYC Marathon Champ
Tom Fleming C. Won 10 distance running National Championships

It was as easy as A-B-C, Kim - B, Fred - C and Tom - A. We had 12 entrants and David Risgin of some where in Boston was our winner. David will receive a Steve Scott Sportscaster Card!

For May 2014

With Meb Keflezighi's landmark win in Boston, we wonder...

"Before Meb, who was the last American man to win the Boston Marathon?"

Only 9 entrants had the answer to this easy one, Greg Meyer was the last American to win, in 1983. John Pickens of Muskogee , Oklahoma is this month's winner and he will receive a collector's card of 3 time Boston Marathon Champion Fatuma Roba!

For April 2014

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of the founding of Running Past this month. In April of 1994 our "A Boston Legacy" limited edition lithograph was launched, the first product we created for our brand new business, then known as Adams Sporting Prints. We hit the web in 1996 and the rest is "history".

It's become a tradition to have a Boston Marathon Prediction Contest every April and we've given away some cool stuff...But not this year. No one predicted Meb Keflezighi's big win! We'll try again next year and we hope you will too.

For March 2014

Match all the quotes with the movie they are from:

1. Chariots of Fire

C. " If I can't win, I won't run!
If you don't run, you can't win."

2. Running Brave A."Are you really going to run in the Olympics?

Sure, why?

Oh, because everyone here says they'll do things and never do them."

3. The Jericho Mile

D. "What are you...the Blob? You Frankenstein's momma?!"

4. Without Limits B. " I can endure more pain than anyone you've ever met."
5. Run Lola Run E. "What if I were in a coma, and the doc says, "One more day?"

I'd throw you into the ocean... Shock therapy."

We had only 7 correct entries this month, we knew that "Jericho Mile" quote was tough. It is Google proof!

Our winner is Heavyn Clark of parts currently unknown and she wins one of our "Steve Prefontaine" posters! Congrats Heavyn!

For February 2014

"Who holds the record for the Women's Wanamaker Mile?"

The queen of the Women's Wanamaker Mile remains Romania's Doina Melinte who ran 4:21.45 in 1988.

12 entrants guessed correctly and Monica Eggleton of Galloway, Ohio was selected as our winner. Monica will receive a poster of Grete Waitz!

For January 2014

50 years ago this October Billy Mills became the first and only American to win the Olympic 10,000 Meter Gold Medal...

"In which branch of the military did Billy Mills serve?"

Billy Mills served in the United States Marine Corps. 18 entrants recognized his service and Joe Swendrow of Jenison, Michigan is this month's winner. Joe will receive a Billy Mills poster!

For December 2013

"What is the name of the arch in Bushnell Park that the Hartford Marathon runs through?"

18 entrants recognized the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch at the finish line, it was dedicated in 1886. This month our winner is Francine Maffitt of Painesville, Ohio and she will receive a 2013 Hartford Marathon poster, signed by the artist!

For November 2013

"Where was Fred Lebow, the founder of the NYC Marathon, born?"

The answer is the Transylvania area of Romania, specifically Arad.

26 entrants knew of Fred's dark past, and Teresa Eastridge of parts currently unknown is our winner this month. Teresa wins a 2002 NYC Marathon lithograph, signed by the artist!

For October 2013

"What is the World Record time for the Marathon?"

Just this past September, on the 25th in Berlin, Wilson Kipsang of Kenya set a new Marathon World Record of 2:03:03, which is an incredible 4:41 per mile pace!

We had 12 entrants who keep up with the news and answered correctly. John Fry of Humble, Texas is our winner, and he will receive an autograph of Nick Rose, 1974 NCAA Cross Country champion and a rival of Steve Prefontaine.

For September 2013

"How tall is Usain Bolt?"

The fastest man in the world is also one of the tallest sprinters, measuring 6'5".

We had 18 correct entrants and Mary Mclain of Partick, South Carolina is our winner. She will receive a beautiful gold embossed 1996 Upper Deck Olympic card of Jesse Owens and Michael Johnson!

For July/August 2013 - Contest ran for two months due to our extensive computer problems

"Where will the 2013 World Track & Field Championships be held?"

Moscow, Russia was the answer and 16 geographically sophisticated entrants had the answer.

Bob Tarumi of Pearl City, Hawaii was selected as this month's winner and he will receive a card of 2011 Boston Marathon Champion Caroline Kilel!

For June 2013

"How many times has Catherine Ndereba won the Boston Marathon?"

Catherine the Great has won Boston 4 times which is the record for most career Boston Marathon victories by a woman runner. We had 10 entrants and Diane Therkildsen of Indianapolis, Indiana is our lucky winner this month. Diane will receive a vintage Catherine Ndereba card!

For May 2013

"In what year was the Prefontaine Classic Track Meet first run?"

The Pre Classic was originally called the Hayward Field Restoration Race, but after Pre's death in 1975 the name was changed to the Prefontaine Classic.

17 entrants had the correct date and John Pickens of Muskogee , Oklahoma was selected as this month's winner. John will receive our awesome Steve Prefontaine poster!

For April 2013

Predict the winner of the 2013 Boston Marathon

We had three entrants correctly predict that Lelisa Desisa Benti of Ethiopia would win the 2013 Boston Marathon. He finished in 2:10:22 winning by 5 seconds over Micah Kogo of Kenya.  

All three correct prognosticators had their names place in a hat, and....

Our Grand Prize winner is: Porter E. Coggins, III of Great Falls, Montana!

Porter will receive a Boston Marathon lithograph autographed by US Olympian and 2004 Olympic Marathon Silver Medalist Meb Keflezighi and US 50K American record holder Josh Cox.

The people of Boston should be congratulated for their heroism and resilience in the face of the terrorist attacks. The victims remain in our thoughts and prayers.

For March 2013

"Which of the following marathons has Margaret Okayo not won?"

New York City
San Diego

From 1999 through 2004 Kenyan Margaret Okayo was the most dominate female marathoner in the world. She won seven marathons against the world's best...But finished 2nd in the Chicago Marathon.

We had 10 correct entries and Alphonso Reyna of parts currently unknown was selected as our winner. Alphonso will receive a Margeret Okayo card!

For February 2013

"Running prodigy Mary Cain is following in her namesake's footsteps...Who blazed the path for Miss Cain?"

14 entrants recognized that Mary Cain's outrageous talent harkens back to Mary Decker's early years. If you are not watching Miss Cain's races this season you are missing something special, she's making history evey time she steps on the track!

David Risgin of Winchester, Masachusetts is our winner this month and he will receive a 1994 card of Boston Marathon champ Uta Pippig!

For January 2013

" Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles..."
                                          John Lennon / Paul McCartney

"Which member of the Beatles enjoyed distance running?"

We were aware of Paul McCartney's distance running, and many entered George Harrison as well, which we couldn't disprove so we'll accept either answer. We had 12 people enter and Jeff Casassa of Virginia Beach, Virginia is our winner this month. He will receive this Bill Rodgers poster!

For December 2012

Match each Boston Marathon Champion with the year he won:

The answers are:

John A. Kelley                                        1945
John J. Kelley                                        1957
Bill Rodgers                                           1975
Jack Fultz                                               1976
Alberto Salazar                                     1982

We had 11 entries this month and Judith Rachmani of Ramat Gan, Israel is our winner. Congratulations Judith! You will soon receive a Johnny Kelley Bobblehead!

For November 2012

"Before 2012 when was the last year the NYC Marathon was NOT run?"

Ok, trick question. The New York City Marathon was never canceled before 2012, so the last year before that when it was not run would be 1969, the year before the race's founding!

13 entries had no problem with their dates, and Steve Rowland of Cranleigh, England is our winner this month. Steve will receive an autographed copy of Bobbi Gibb's booklet, "To Boston with Love"!

For October 2012

"In what town was Roger Bannister born?"

Sir Roger was born in the London Borough of Harrow 83 years ago. 17 entrants raced to submit that answer and Leydis Miranda of parts currently unknown was selected as our winner. Leydis will receive a brand new paperback copy of Roger Bannister's book, "The Four-Minute Mile"!

For September 2012

"What was Frank Shorter's winning time in the 1972 Munich Olympic Marathon?"

2:12.19.8 is the answer and we had 13 correct entrants. Greg Moore of Chesnee, South Carolina is the lucky winner of a 1st edition copy of Johnny Kelley's book "Young at Heart", autographed by the legend himself!

For August 2012

"Of the seven times the event has been run, how many times has a woman from Ethiopia won the 10,000 meter gold medal? "

We asked this question in the wake of Tirunesh Dibaba's wonderful victory in the 10K at the London Olympics. Ethiopian women have won gold in the women's 10K four out of the seven times the event has been run. Twice by Deratu Tulu and twice by Tirunesh Dibaba.

13 people provided the correct answer and Eric Luedeman of parts currently unknown is our winner this month.

Eric wil receive our poster of the great Olympic 10K gold medalist Billy Mills!

For July 2012

"At the London Olympics in 1948, which woman won 4 of the 9 women's track and field events?"

The "Flying Housewife", Fanny Blankers-Koen of the Netherlands won the 100 meters, the 200 meters, the 80 meter hurdles and the 4x100 meter relay at the 1948 London Games.

18 entrants knew their Olympic history and answered correctly, and Margaret Sorenson of Spring Lake, Michigan is this month's winner. Margaret will receive a 1978 Abebe Bikila Sportscaster card!

For June 2012

"At the London Olympics in 1948, in spite of their top two runners being banned as professionals, Sweden still took gold and silver in the 1500m...Who won?"

The top 1500m runners in the world during the 1940s were Arne Andersson and Gunder Hägg of Sweden, but they had both been declared pros for accepting expense money and were not allowed to compete in the Olympics. The Swedes were loaded with middle distance runners at the time and Henry Eriksson won gold and Lennart Strand silver.

13 entrants had the answer and David Gentry of Pataskala, Ohio is our winner for June. David receives a 1978 Steve Prefontaine Sportscaster card from Finland!

For May 2012

"Who guided Roger Bannister to sub 4 in the mile, won an Olympic Gold Medal in Melborne and was the founder the London Marathon?"

We received 15 correct entries this month, all providing the name of Chris Brasher. Brasher was one of two pacemakers that assisted Roger Bannister slip under four minutes for the mile in 1954. In 1956 Brasher won the gold medal in the steeplechase at the Melbourne Olympics and after witnessing the phenomenon of the NYC Marathon, he returned to England to found the London Marathon.

Simon Taylor of Stockton-on-Tees, England is our winner this month and he will receive a 1977 Frank Shorter Sportscaster card!

For April 2012

We had no winner for our 2012 Predict the Winner of the Boston Marathon Contest! Nobody guessed Kenyan Wesley Korir would wear the laurel wreath. It's a shame because we had a 1997 Boston Marathon poster signed by Meb Keflezighi and Josh Cox ready to give a away too!

Better luck next year...

For March 2012

At the 1908 London Olympic Games the most controversial race was the 400 meters...

"Why was the 1908 London Olympic 400 Meter Final the easiest race in Olympic history? "

In the 400 meter final American John Carpenter was called for a foul on Brit Wyndham Halswelle. Carpenter was disqualified and the race ordered rerun. The other two Americans in the field refused to run and Halswelle ran alone to win the gold, the only time in Olympic history this happened.

We had 21 entrants and Rick Garner of North Little Rock, Arkansas was this month's winner . Rick receives an autographed copy of Bobbi Gibb's booklet, "To Boston With Love"!

For February 2012

One of the most famous finishes in Olympic Marathon history took place at the London Games in 1908, when leader Dorando Pietri entered the stadium, collapsed, was illegally assisted and then disqualified.

Forty years later in London, in a lesser known but no less dramatic Olympic finish, the marathon leader would enter the stadium on his feet, but leave on a stretcher, clutching bronze...

"Who finished a shattered 3rd in the 1948 London Olympic Marathon? "

We had 16 correct entrants this month, all knew that Étienne Gailly of Belgium was the poor soul who finished third after leading the marathon.

John Fry of Humble, Texas was selected as the winner and he will receive an autographed Dave Wottle business card! Congrats John!

For January 2012

"Counting 2012, how many times has London been named as host of the Summer Olympics? "

Well, this question proved tricky for many entrants, as they ignored a key word in our question..How many times has London been NAMED host of the Summer Olympics? London has been named Olympic host four times, but only three games (counting 2012) will have been held there because the 1944 games were cancelled due to WWII.

So the answer is four and only 12 people answered correctly. Justin Castillo of Salem, Oregon had his name drawn as this month's winner and he will receive a 1996 Billy Mills Trading card!

For December 2011

"What "double-double" did Lasse Viren achieve in his Olympic career? "

Lasse Virén won the 5,000 meter and 10,000 meter events at two consecutive Olympics:  1972 Munich Games and 1976 Montreal Games.

21 entrants had that correct answer and Diane Therkildsen of Indianapolis, Indiana had her name drawn as this month's winner. Diane will receive a 1992 Lasse Viren Olympic Challenge Card for answering correctly.

For November 2011

In honor of Grete Waitz (1953-2011)...

"How many times did Grete Waitz set a course record in the NYC Marathon? "

Grete set the NYC Marathon course record three times, lowering it with each of her first three runs in New York. She ran 2:32:30 in 1978 breaking Miki Gorman's record by 6:38. In 1979 she lowered the record to 2:27:33, and in 1980 she sliced 1:51 off that to run 2:25:42.

From 12 entrants Jim Crawford of Indianapolis, Indiana was selected as the winner this month, Jim will receive a fairly rare Grete Waitz 1979 Sportscaster card. Congrats Jim!

For October 2011

"In 1954, when Roger Bannister ran the first sub 4 minute mile, whose record did he break? "

16 entrants new that Gunder Hägg had run 4:01.4 in 1945, setting the record that Roger Bannister would break. Steve Barnes of Fishers, Indiana is our winner for October and he receives a 1979 Roger Bannister Sportscaster Card!

For September 2011

"How many times has Frank Shorter appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine?"

Apparently this was a tough question as only 9 entrants were successful and we had the most wrong answers submitted in a long time. Frank appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated 3 times, once in August of 1970 and twice in July of 1976, right before the Montreal Olympics.

You can view the three covers in Sports Illustrated's Vault

The prize this month is a 1991 Frank Shorter Hall of Fame card which goes to Cherie Butler of parts currently unkown, congratultaions Cherie!

For August 2011

"What Olympic controversy was caused by Dave Wottle's hat?"

At the 1972 Munich Olympics during the award ceremony for his gold medal, Dave Wottle forgot to remove his golf hat as the US national anthem played. Some people mistook this as some sort of protest, but it was just absent-mindedness. Dave explained and apologized and the world kept on turning.

32 people get a tip of the hat for their correct entries, and Sarah Campos of parts currently unknown had her name drawn as the winner this month. Sarah will receive an autographed Dave Wottle business card!

For July 2011

Billy Mills just turned 73 on June 30th, so in honor of his birthday we asked...

"Billy Mills was the second Native American to win an Olympic Gold Medal, who was the first?"

At the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden, Jim Thorpe, a member of the Sac and Fox tribe won gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon and was considered the greatest athlete in the world.

His medals were revolked by the Olympic Committee when it was discovered he had been paid to play semi-pro baseball, violating his amateur standing. His medals and records were reinstated in 1982, 29 years after his death.

24 track mavens answered correctly and Valerie Lemoine of Stockton, California was selected as this month's winner. Valerie will receive an autograph by the legendary Billy Mills!

For June 2011

"What was Michel Jazy's time when he set the world record for the mile?"

18 entrants knew Michel Jazy ran 3:53.6 in Rennes in 1965, 46 years ago this month!. Don Reardon of Portland, Oregon is our winner and he receives an autograph by Michel Jazy.

For May 2011

"Who currently holds the official world record for the marathon?"

After Geoffrey Mutai just ran the fastest unofficial time ever for a marathon in April, winning Boston in 2:03:02, we had to identify the official world record holder...and the answer is Haile Gebreselassie of Ethiopia.  On September 28, 2008, while winning the Berlin Marathon, he set the current world record for the marathon running the distance in 2:03:59.

23 entrants did their research and answered correctly! Noreen Brown of RIichmond, Virginiahad her name drawn as this month's winner and she will receive an autographed promo card of two time NYC Marathon winner German Silva!

For April 2011

"Who will win the 2011 Boston Marathon?"

I hope everyone got to see the stunning races that occurred this year in Boston!

From Kim Smith's courageous and crazy attempt to run away with the women's race from the gun, to the heartwarming double victories for Japan in men's and women's wheelchair by Masazumi Sojima and Wakako Tsuchida, and finally to Geoffrey Mutai's superhuman domination of time and space, covering 26.2 miles in the fastest ever time of 2:03:02. That, my friends, is 4:41 per mile!

We had five entrants predict that Geoffrey Mutai would go all Bob Beamon on this year's race.  

These four runners up get their choice of one of our posters:

Chad Bjugan of Chaska, Minnesota
Erin Horan of Fairport, New York
Raymond Goldstone of Fabulous LA
Lance Saltzman of Warwick ,Rhode Island

And our Grand Prize winner is:

Bill Brist of Kalispell, Montana!

The Grand Prize

Bill wins this Boston Marathon lithograph that was signed by Steve Jones and Kim Smith.

Steve Jones is the former world record holder in the marathon, he ran 2:08:05 in Chicago in 1984.

Kim Smith is a New Zealand Olympian who ran the fastest half marathon by a woman on US soil in late February, running 1:07:36. She fearlessly lead this year's women's race through 18 miles, before falling victim to a calf injury.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

For March 2011

"Which running shoe company was the first to sponsor a male African American athlete? (Jesse Owens)"

During the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Adolf Dassler equipped Jesse Owens with shoes from his business, Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, effectively establishing Jesse's endorsement of the shoes. Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals wearing Adi's shoes and Dassler Brothers went on to become adidas.

Like Cinderella, 23 entrants knew the shoe that fit and Earl Bolson of parts currently unknown was selected as this month's winner. Earl will receive a Jesse Owens Sportscaster card!

For February 2011

"Before 2011, when was the last time an Ethiopian won the Wanamaker Mile?"

This is our favorite type of question...The answer is NEVER!

16 entrants refused to be tricked and Kenneth Chilcoat of Seattle, Washington was selected as the winner. Ken will receive an Abebe Bikila Sportscaster card.

For January 2011

"Who was Herb Elliott's unconventional coach?"

27 entrants recognized Percy Cerutty as Elliott's coach...Cerutty also coached world record holders and Olympians John Landy and Betty Cuthbert.

Christopher Mertz of Easton, Pennsylvania is our winner this month, and for his knowledge of running in a land down under he will receive a Billy Mills poster!

For December 2010

"Who was the runner that broke Johnny Kelley's heart in 1936 and left us with the legend of Heartbreak Hill?

During the 1936 Boston Marathon, Johnny Kelley made a tactical error at the top of the hills in Newton, tapping the race leader, Ellison "Tarzan" Brown, on the back as he attempted to pass. The tap jolted new life into Tarzan, who left poor Johnny in his wake and went on to win the race.

26 entrants knew in their hearts that Tarzan Brown was the answer, and Brian Schafer of Allentown, Pennsylvania was selected as the winner of this month's prize, a Johnny Kelley Bobblehead Doll!

For November 2010

"In the NYC Marathon, who is only runner to have won the Men's Open division two years in a row, setting back to back course records? "

In 1980 and 1981, Alberto Salazar ran consecutive course records (2:09:41 and 2:08:13 respectively) to win the NYC Marathon. He would also win the following year, running 2:09:29.

33 entrants spread the news with the correct answer and Josh Maple of Fort Wayne, Indiana is our winner for November.

He will receive the DVD "Run for Your Life, The Fred Lebow Story, congratulations Josh!

For October 2010

"What was Abebe Bikila's best finishing place in the Boston Marathon?"

25 entrants knew that the first great African marathoner was a victim of the Boston Marathon jinx on Olympic Champions, and could finish only 5th in his only run in Boston.

Tiffany Chang of Larkspur, California was selected as this month's winner and she will receive a vintage Sportscaster Card of Abebe Bikila!

For September 2010

"How many times did Khalid Khannouchi win the Chicago Marathon?"

29 people breezed to the correct answer about Khalid's performances in the windy city, Khannouchi won the Chicago Marathon 4 times. Our winner this month is Brian McNeiece of Narragansett, Rhode Island and he will receive a poster of Khalid setting the marathon world record in Chicago!

For August 2010

"How many Olympics did Irena Szewinska compete in?"

Well 23 vacationers took a break from the summer sun and sent in the correct answer, which is 5. Irena competed in the 1964, '68, '72, '76, and 1980 Olympic Games, winning seven medals, including three gold. Karl Zuber of Mesquite, Texas won this month, and he will receive a Irena Szewinska autograph!

For July 2010

"Who played Billy Mills on the silver screen?"

33 film buffs knew that in the 1983 feature film titled, "Running Brave," Billy Mills is portrayed by actor Robby Benson. If you haven't seen it, definitely give it a rent.

Our winner this month was Tim Younger of Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. He wins an autograph by Olympic great Billy Mills!

For June 2010

"How many times did Fatuma Roba win the Women's Division in the Boston Marathon?"

28 Fatuma fans knew that Ms. Roba won Boston 3 times, in 1997, 1998 and 1999. For having that answer at the ready, Carrie Conley of Elm City, North Carolina was selected as this month's winner. Carrie will receive an autograph by Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist Fatuma Roba!

For May 2010

"Who is the South African athlete who just set a record at the Boston Marathon and what was the record?"

29 entrants had the answer this month, which is Ernst Van Dyk.  He notched a record ninth Boston Marathon victory in the Men's Wheelchair Division in 2010.

Congratulations to John Fry of Humble, Texas who is this month's winner and will receive an autographed Frank Shorter card!

For April 2010

Predict the winner of the 2010 Boston Marathon

We had four entrants correctly predict that Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot of Kenya would win the 2010 Boston Marathon, although no one mentioned that he would run the fastest Boston of all time...2:05:52!  

The three entrants listed below win their choice of posters from Running Past:

Raymond Goldstone of Los Angeles , California
Edith Cason
of Fort Mill, South Carolina
Erin Horan
of Fairport, New York

Our Grand Prize winner is: Dave Cuplin of Spokane, Washington!

Dave will receive a limited edition lithograph, "A Boston Legacy" autographed by Boston Marathon champions Johnny Kelley "The Elder", Johnny Kelley "The Younger", Amby Burfoot and Bill Rodgers

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who played our game!

For March 2010

"Who is the only athlete to win a medal in both the Winter and Summer Olympics in the same year?"

Christa Luding-Rothenburger of East Germany achieved this unique double in 1988. She won a gold and silver for speed skating in the 1000m and 500m at the Winter games and a silver in sprint cycling in the Summer games. With the current Olympic Games schedule Christa will remain the only athlete with this accomplishment.

29 entrants answered correctly and Peter Duthoy of Frederick, Maryland is this month's winner. He will receive a rare, high-numbered 1979 Olympic Sprints Sportscaster Card...Congratulations Pete!

For February 2010

"Bernard Lagat just broke the record for the most career Wanamaker Mile victories...Whose record did he break?"

From a frozen snowy landscape 22 entrants submitted the name of Eamonn Coghlan, the Chairman of the Boards, who dominated the Wanamaker Mile in the 1980s. Eamonn won the mile at the Millrose Games 7 times, and now Bernard Lagat has 8 victories. Walt Chadwick of Enfield, New Hampshire is this month's winner and he will receive a Roger Bannister Sportscaster card for his effort.

For January 2010

"In what year did Jim Ryun become the first high school ahlete to break the four minute mile?"

32 well educated entrants passed this pop quiz, answering that Jim Ryun broke the four minute mile in 1964 as a junior in high school, running 3:59.0. The lucky winner was JB Brown of Blacksburg , Virginia, and he receives a souvenir 2008 Boston Marathon Cowbell!

For December 2009

"Who was the first Kenyan to win an Olympic marathon?"

At the Beijing games of 2008 Sammy Wanjiru became the fist Kenyan to win the Olympic Marathon. 25 entrants had the answer and April Randazzo of West Melbourne, Florida is this month's winner. April will receive a postcard autographed by 3 time US Olympian Jen Rhines!

For November 2009

"Who is considered the father of African distance running?"

We can't believe there was any doubt on this one...but there was. Many, many people sent us the name of the great Kipchoge Keino of Kenya. Kip is a legendary African runner, a two time Olympic gold medalist and a great humanitarian, but he is not the "Father of African distance running". That title can only belong to Ethiopia's Abebe Bikila.

Bikila was the first black African in history to win a gold medal in the Olympics, when he won the marathon in Rome in 1960. He struck gold again four years later, winning the marathon at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. Bikila's career and running fame predates Keino's by 5 years, and many great runners have followed in his footsteps.

An elite group of 5 entrants knew the story of Abebe Bikila and a very deserving Ryan Rear of Moosehorn, Manitoba is this month's winner. Ryan will receive a DVD of "Run for Your Life - The Fred Lebow Story" for his thorough knowledge of running history!

For October 2009

"Who broke Steve Scott's American record for the 1 mile run?"

32 entrants had the measure of this one, naming Alan Webb who ran 3 minutes 46.91 seconds in July of 2007 to break Scott's 25 year old record.

Richard Hicks of Winston-Salem, North Carolina had the pick of the month and he wins a 1993 SI for Kids card of Steve Scott!

For September 2009

Which American miler wrote, on the back cover of his book, the following:

"Nothing is harder than the mile. Nothing. Not the 100 meters or the 10K or even the marathon.

The mile, or its metric equivalent, the 1,500 meters, demands the ultimate combination of speed and strength. In training I run sprints till I drop and I also cover distances as far as 20 miles.

I train in pain because I race in pain and if you can't tolerate pain you may as well quit. You won't be a miler."

18 entrants knew that quote was written by Steve Scott and it appeared on the back of his autobiography, "The Miler". The winner this month is Lance Saltzman of Warwick, Rhode island and he will receive a Frank Shorter Sportscaster card.

For August 2009

"What is the 2009 IAAF Track & Field World Championships qualifying "A" standard for the men's 5,000 metres?"

24 entrants met our standard...They knew that it took a 5K run of 13:20 or less to qualify for the 2009 IAAF Men's 5K Championship. That, my friends, means you have to run 4:18 pace for 3.1 miles!

Sherry Watts of London, Ontario was selected as this month's winner and she will receive a 1999 NYC Marathon limted edition lithograph signed & numbered by the artist!

For July 2009

"Which Olympic track athlete founded a successful national chain of running stores?"

There were at least two possible correct answers for this month's question.

Jeff Galloway competed in the 1972 Munich Olympics in the 10,000m and he founded the "Phidippides" chain in 1974.

Marty Liquori competed in the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games in the 1,500m and he co-founded the "Athletic Attic" chain in 1972 with Jimmy Carnes.

19 entrants knew about Jeff Galloway, nobody guessed Marty... and Daisy Aguilera of Nampa, Idaho is this month's winner . Daisy will receive a 1997 Boston Marathon poster signed by the artist!

For June 2009

"Which Boston Marathon Champion is from Kenya's Nandi Tribe?"

16 people entered one of the two correct answers, Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot and Moses Tanui.
This month's winner is Jeanette Jackson of Scarborough, Ontario in Canada and she will receive a Running Past autograph card signed by Henry Rono! Congratulations Jeanette!

For May 2009

"Who just tied the record for the most Boston Marathon victories?"

23 entrants knew that South African Ernst Van Dyk became the second athlete to win eight Boston Marathons. His new record for victories in the men's wheelchair division matched women's wheelchair racer Jean Driscoll's record for most Boston Marathon victories ever. Clarence H. DeMar remains the runner with the most victories, winning the race seven times.

Monte Wells of Amarillo, Texas is our winner this month and he will receive the DVD "Run for Your Life - The Fred Lebow Story"! Congrats Monte!

For April 2009

Predict the winner of the 2009 Boston Marathon

We had 3 entrants predict correctly that Deriba Merga would win this year's Boston Marathon. The two entrants listed below win their choice of posters from Running Past:

Justin Charland of Springville, New York

Someone known only as to us as xxteedawg225xx

And the person who had her name drawn from the hat as the Grand Prize winner is:

Erin Horan of Fairport, New York

Erin wins a Boston Marathon poster autographed by 1976 Boston Marathon Champion Jack Fultz, 1983 Boston Marathon Champion Greg Meyer and Dick Beardsley, most famous for his "Duel in the Sun" with Alberto Salazar at Boston in 1982.

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who played our game!

For March 2009

"How old was Johnny Miles when he won the Boston Marathon for the first time?"

Well let's see, Johnny was born on October 30, 1905, and he won the Boston Marathon on April 19, 1926...So that would make young Johnny 20 years old when he first wore the laurel wreath.

23 entrants answered correctly and Lee Stanton of Brunswick, Maine wins a Johnny Miles postcard for his efforts this month.

For February 2009

"Which country's sons have won the most Wanamaker Miles at the Millrose Games?"

Tough question.  With the internet not being much help on this one, until we put up this page, and with Marcus O'Sullivan, Eamonn Coghlan and Niall Bruton bringing the Ol' Sod glory on the boards of the Garden you'd think the answer would be Ireland. In reality it's the red, white and blue that leads the pack in winning the Rodman Wanamaker Trophy. The USA has won 44 of the 84 editions of this race, and that is not counting Kenyan born Bernard Lagat's five wins as a newly minted American citizen.

We only had 11 correct entries this month and Paul Clerici of Walpole, Massachusetts is this month's winner. He'll receive a 1930's German photocard of the 1936 Berlin Olympics poster!

For January 2009

"What movie about running had the lead character nicknamed "Lickety-split" ?

"Lickety-split" was the nickname given to Rain Murphy, the lead character in the 1979 TV movie, "The Jericho Mile" as 28 entrants correctly submitted. Peter Strauss starred in this outstanding film about an inmate serving a life sentence, who seeks a mental escape through running and reaches Olympic levels. The final sequence is one of the most memorable scenes of running ever set to music. (Ok, we'll give Chariots of Fire the nod on that...)

We had linked to the scene on youtube, but it's no longer available there....Pity.

Michael Allio of Champaign, Illinois is this month's winner, Mike will receive an autographed copy of Bobbi Gibb's booklet, "To Boston with Love".

For December 2008

"Which of Young Johnny Kelley's pupils went on to win the Boston Marathon?"

The answer, of course, is Amby Burfoot, who won Boston in 1968. Only 17 entrants passed this exam with flying colors, and William Latter of Pasedena, California goes to the head of the class as this month's winner. Bill adds to his library with the prize, a 1979 edition of Joe Fall's book, "The Boston Marathon"!

For November 2008

"Who holds the course record for the New York City Marathon?"

37 entrants correct identified Tesfaye Jifar as the NYC course record holder, having run 2:07:43 on November 4, 2001, less than two months after the attacks of 9/11.

Justin Charland of Saranac, New York is this month's winner and he will receive a DVD of the just released documentary Run For Your Life - The Fred Lebow Story!

For October 2008

"Bill Rodgers still holds two American track records that he set over 30 years ago.  Name one. "

26 people recalled that Boston Billy stills holds the 20,000m (58:25.0) and 1 Hour Run (12.77miles) records, both set on August 9, 1977. The 20K time was set enroute to the 1 hour run record. Kathleen Gereg of Lakewood Ranch, Florida is this month's winner and she will receive a 1996 Upper Deck Future Champions Olympicard of Michael Johnson...Congrats Kathleen!

For September 2008

"Who was the last male athlete to win the 100, 200 and 4x100 in the same Olympics before Usain Bolt struck Gold?

That would of course be Carl Lewis who won that triple in 1984. 23 people answered correctly and Stacey Legg of parts currently unkown was selected as this month's winner. Stacey will receive an autograph by US Olympian Jen Rhines...Congratulations!

For an personal view of Carl's performance we turn to regular trivia contributor, Raymond Goldstone:

"I was present in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1984 to see two of his four gold medal performances: I watched as he won the 100m in a convincing fashion on August 4, 1984; and as he won the long jump two days later.

Yet my most vivid recollection of Carl Lewis’ extraordinary feats in the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics is not his victories, but rather the performance of the spectators during and after he won gold in the long jump.

I shall never forget the boos that reigned down from the spectators when, after jumping a strong 28’ ¼” into a wind on his first long jump (the gold medal winning long jump) and fouling on his second jump, he passed on his last jumps.

“They” wanted him to break Bob Beamon’s record. He faced a stiff wind; and he was saving his strength for his other two events. Yes, when I remember Carl Lewis at the 1984 Games, I remember feeling sad and upset by the reception he received in his own country during and after the long jump.

Carl Lewis deserved better that day as he won the second of what would be four track and field gold medals in the same Olympics."

For August 2008

"At which Olympics of the modern era was the Olympic Flame introduced?

There was a little confusion on this one. Many submitted the answer of the 1936 Berlin games, but that was when the tradition of running with the Olympic torch was instituted. The Olympic flame was introduced at the 1928 Amsterdam Games and that correct answer was brought home by 25 people.

Ron Miller of Fair Haven, Michigan was selected as our winner this month and he will receive an autograph by the former holder of the World Best time for a road 8K, 22:03, Kenyan Peter Githuka!

For July 2008

"What is Lance Armstrong's best time for the marathon?

26 people knew that Lance isn't quite as quick off the bike, but he still managed to go 2:46:43 in New York in 2007.

Cory Adams of Chino Valley, Arizona wins this month's contest and his prize is an autograph by the 3 time Boston Marathon Masters Champ from Kenya, Joseph Kipkemboi.   Way to go Cory!

For June 2008

Who said this?

"Inside the tunnel, which muffles the outside noise, I braced myself. 'Okay, here it comes. The roar that greets an Olympic marathon champion running into the stadium.'

And I got onto the track and it was silent."

We had 20 entrants correctly identify this quote. As our winner, Steve Rowland of Cranleigh, England said ,"The answer must be Frank Shorter at the 1972 Munich Olympics, who was robbed of the glory of entering the stadium first by a German student hoaxer. I was there!"

Steve receives an autograph by the 2000 Rotterdam Marathon Champion from Kenya, Kenneth Cheruiyot. Way to go Steve!

For May 2008

Who said this?

"When I got close I could hear the crowd rumbling inside - They had been watching the race on a pair of giant screens and knew who and where I was.

As I ran into the tunnel the noise was muffled and I heard my own footfalls. I thought, 'Once you leave this tunnel your life will be changed forever.'"

Trivia maven Raymond Goldstone provides this month's answer thusly:

In 1984, the Olympics were hosted by Los Angeles, California. There were many highlights. One was the addition of the women’s marathon to the Olympic program. Another, even brighter, was the performance of the diminutive woman who had won the U.S.A. Olympic trial just 17 days after she had arthroscopic surgery on her right knee.

On the morning of August 5, 1984, she and Grete Waitz were “co-favorites” as the women’s marathon field of 50 runners left the stadium at Santa Monica College on their way to the finish line within the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

It was this pioneer of women’s marathoning, wearing the red, white, blue, and gray uniform of the U.S.A. and a white painter’s cap, who thought the words noted in this month’s question as she approached, entered and emerged alone from the tunnel onto the track bathed in sunlight at the west end of the Coliseum to the cheers of the 80,000 spectators.

She was over a full minute ahead of her closest challenger. She ran the final lap with the crowd standing and roaring its approval; and as she neared the finish line, she waved her hat and raised her arms, acknowledging the plaudits of the crowd. It was an electric moment for her, for women’s sports, and for all who watched from the Coliseum and on television. She won the run by 400 meters, and she became the Gold Medal winner of the first women’s Olympic Marathon.

She was prescient when she thought, “Once you leave this tunnel your life will be changed forever.” This deserving member of the U.S.A. Track & Field Hall of Fame, National Distance Running Hall of Fame, International Scholar-Athlete Hall of Fame, the Boys' and Girls' Clubs of America National Hall of Fame, and the International Women's Sports Foundation Hall of Fame is Joan Benoit Samuelson.

42 entrants recognized Joanie's words and Craig Lutz of Springville, New York is this month's winner. He will receive a 1981 copy of Dr. George Sheehan's outstanding book, "This Running Life."

For April 2008

Predict the winner of the 2008 Boston Marathon...

Congratulations to the 18 entrants who predicted correctly that Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot would win his 4th Boston Marathon.

The contest winners receiving posters are:

Harold Or of Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Richard Whiting
of Hertford, United Kingdom
Chad Bjugan
of Richfield, Minnesota
Greg Duvall
of Findlay, Ohio
Judith Rachmani
of Ramat Gan, Israel
Joe Seiler
of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Dan Giblin
of Rochester, New York
Mike Desmelik
of Stone Mountain, Georgia
Tom Storey
of Wappingers Falls, New York
Mike Shuman
of Boise, Idaho
Andrew Danner
of Louisville, Kentucky
Pat Connors
of Alton, New Hampshire
Jim Cooper
of Meridian, Idaho
of Rochester, New York
Craig Lutz
of Springville, New York
David Jones

The Grand Prize goes to:

Edith Cason of Fort Mill, South Carolina

Edith wins a 1998 Boston Marathon poster, which was signed by:

Grete Waitz - 9 Time NYC Marathon Champion
Todd Williams -
US 10M, 15K Champ, 2 time Olympian
Jen Rhines -
2004 Olympian, 2002 US 10K Champ
Nate Jenkins -
Up and coming marathoner, ran 2:14 at the trials in November
Michelle Lilienthal -
One of the youngest qualifiers for the Womens Olympic Marathon Trials
Peter Reid - 3 time Ironman Champion
Tim DeBoom -
2 time Ironman Champion

Congrats to Edith and thanks to all who entered!

For March 2008

By what distance does Bob Beamon's best long jump beat his second best?

Beamon's remarkable record shattering world record leap of 29' 4.5" is even more impressive considering he never got close to that distance again. His second best jump is 27' 4" or 1' 10.5" shorter!

38 entrants were bound for glory with the correct answer, and David Risgin of Boston, Massachuesetts was selected as the winner, and he receives a Steve Prefontaine Sportscaster Card for his trouble. Congratulations Dave!

For February 2008

What common condiment would Bill Rodgers slather on cold pizza or eat with a spoon after workouts?

I don't know how he did it, but the answer is mayonaisse of all things. 38 entrants could cut the mustard this month, and Dan Rossillon of San Leandro, California was selected as the big cheese. Dan receives a Johnny Kelley Bobblehead, way to go Dan!

For January 2008

Who has broken the men's mile world record by the largest margin?

Things used to be so simple, you ask a trivia question and people submit their answers and there you go.  But now, not so fast, suddenly information is everywhere!  With the internet people dig out the history they never had access to before... Kids today who couldn't pick Roger Bannister out of a line up are informing us about William Chinnery running the mile in the 1868 or waxing poetic about the career of Walter George.  Damn you Wikipedia!

You used to have to earn this kind of knowledge. Only through a passion for the sport would you ever even come across these tidbits, buried in dusty tomes in the basements of used bookstores. It was the province of only the truly running enlightened, like the cloistered monks of antiquity jealously guarding the knowledge of the ages.  But now, the fog of history has been lifted...

Our question this month was asked under the assumption that we were referring to mile records recognized by the IAAF. We didn't imagine people would bring up records from the friggin' dawn of time, of amateur farm boys from the 1850's to English pros setting records on horse racing tracks.

We're willing to be flexible. The answer we expected was Aussie Herb Elliott, who shattered Derek Ibbotson's record by 2.7 seconds in 1958. We'll also accept William Chinnery and George Farran, runners from the19th century whose records the IAAF wasn't around to ratify.

I think we'll do a little Googling ourselves in the future.

28 resourceful entrants were correct this month and Patrick Conners of Alton, New Hampshire is our winner. He receives a new Boston Indoor Games T-shirt autographed by Kenyan Olympian Laban Rotich, congratulations Patrick!

For December 2007

Who played Harold Abrahams in the movie "Chariots of Fire"?

59 movie aficionados knew that Ben Cross played that role, and Bart Stump of parts currently unknown was selected as this month's winner. Bart will receive a 1920s vintage tobacco card of Harold Abrahams!

For November 2007

Where did Joan Benoit Samuelson run her very first marathon?

Why Bermuda of course!  In January of 1979, after winning a 10K race the day before, Joan entered the Bermuda Marathon and ran 2:50.44, finishing 2nd in the women's division and qualifying for a little race that spring in Boston.

31 people answered correctly and Sharron of Charlotte, North Carolina is this month's winner. Sharron will receive a first edition copy of Joanie's autobiography, "Running Tide"!

For October 2007

Who was the first Korean to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the Marathon?

At the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games Sohn Kee-chung won the gold medal in the marathon. Japan occupied Korean at the time so he was forced to compete under the Japanese name Kitei Son.

33 entrants submitted correct answers and Bruce Kivimaki of Eden Prairie, Minnesota is this month's winner.  Bruce receives an autograph by Boston Marathon Champion Lee Bong Ju!

For September 2007

Who won the 1932 Olympic Gold Medal in the Marathon?

51 entrants knew that Juan Carlos Zabala, representing Argentina, won the 1932 Olympic Marathon in Los Angeles.

Ron Schwartz of Oakland, California is this month's winner, he will receive a 1936 German Olympic card of Juan Carlos Zabala and Sam Ferris!

For August 2007

What is Steve Prefontaine's middle name?

We had 80 Pre fans correctly provide his middle name of Roland and an entrant Mike Matuszak
of Carol Stream, Illinois
was selected as the winner. Mike will receive a newspaper wire photo of Pre, congratulations!

For July 2007

Who was the last American to hold the record for the mile run?

OK, once you come up with a trivia question that you think is pretty straight forward, there can be unexpected variations to the answer that makes things challenging.

In this case entrants started asking us questions about the question....Outdoor mile or indoor mile? Men's or women's records? Oy! Needless to say we are being flexible about the correct answer.

We'll accept either Jim Ryun, who set the world record at 3:51.1 on June 23, 1967 in Bakersfield, California or Mary Decker Slaney who set the women's world record of 4:16.7 on August 21, 1985, in Zürich, Switzerland.  41 people answered correctly and the winner is Peter Zhelev of
Sofia, Bulgaria. Peter will receive a 1908 Hassan Cigarette card of Harry Jensen for his effort!

For June 2007

Who was the last Frenchman to hold the record for the mile run?

We had 32 entrants correctly repond with Michel Jazy, who ran 3:53.6 to set the world record for the mile in 1965. Ron Miller of Fair Haven, Michigan was selected as this month's winner and he receive a Gelindo Bordin autographed promo card for his effort. Ooh-la-la!

For May 2007

Which runner has set the most world records for the marathon?

This question had a bit of a twist to it, there were two possible correct answers. Jim Peters of Great Britain and Grete Waitz of Norway both have set 4 World Records in the marathon. 48 people answered correctly and Justin Groves of parts currently unknown is the winner of this month's prize, a genuine Johnny Kelley Bobblehead doll!

For April 2007

Predict the winner of the 2007 Boston Marathon...

Congratulations to the 12 entrants who predicted correctly that Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot would win his 3rd Boston Marathon .

The contest winners receiving posters are:

Noreen Rebich of Missoula, MT
Rob Liebers of Lakewood, NY
Stanley A. Donahoo of Shelbyville IL
Marie Walser of Kernersville, NC
Paula Romkey of London, Ontario, Canada
Eric Van Laningham of Burlington, KY
Kenneth Chilcoat of Seattle, WA
Robert Grim of Fernley, NV
Raymond Goldstone of UCLA
Richard Whiting of Hertford, England
Ed Rietscha of Hampton, VA

The Grand Prize goes to:

Craig Lutz of Springville, NY

Craig wins our, "A Boston Legacy" lithograph, which was signed by:

Johnny Kelley (the elder)
Johnny Kelley (the younger)
Bill Rodgers
Amby Burfoot
Grete Waitz
Todd Williams
Tim Bro
Dick Beardsley
Ernst Van Dyke
Amy Rudolph
Carrie Tollefson
Sara Slattery

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!

For March 2007

"At the 1928 Olympics what distance did Al Bates jump to place 3rd in the long jump?"

Al Bates jumped 24' 4 1/4" to win his bronze medal in 1928 and 33 entrants had the measure of that question. Shirley Younger of Bala Cynwyd, PA had her name drawn as our winner this month and Shirley will receive an autograph by Al Bates.

For February 2007

"At the 1968 Olympics which two events did George Young compete in?"

40 entrants knew that George ran the unusual double of the 3,000m Steeplechase and the Marathon...Diverse muscle groups at work there!

Kangway Chuang of somewhere in the halls of Cal Tech was selected as our winner, he receives an autograph by 4 time Olympian George Young!

For January 2007

"In what year did Bobbi Gibb first run the Boston Marathon?"

The year was 1966 that the brave Roberta Gibb first bandited Boston. 54 entrants had that date correct and Greg Duvall of Findlay, Ohio was selected as this month's winner.

He will receive an autographed copy of Bobbi Gibb's booklet "To Boston with Love - The Story of the First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon"!

For December 2006

"Who set 4 world records in 80 days during the spring of 1978?"

36 entrants knew that the great Kenyan athlete Henry Rono set these world records in the spring of 1978:

April 8 - Berkeley, California 5,000 meters 13:08.4
May 13 - Seattle, Washington 3,000 meters steeplechase 8:05.4
June 11 - Vienna, Austria 10,000 meters 27:22:47
June 27 - Oslo, Norway 3,000 meters 7:32.1

Ryan Zackula of University Place, Washington was selected as this month's winner. Ryan receives a promo card signed by Olympic and Boston Marathon champion Gelindo Bordin!

For November 2006

"Which American University did Phillimon Hanneck graduate from?"

OK, this one was a bit too tough. We only had 11 correct entries, providing the answers of either South Plains College in Lubbock, Texas or the University of Texas at El Paso.

Raymond Goldstone of UCLA demonstrated the value of his education by winning this month's prize. Raymond will receive an autograph by Zimbabwe Olympian Phillimon Hanneck!

For October 2006

"Who said, "I'm not prejudiced against women, they just can't run in my race!"

John Duncan "Jock" Semple, the irascible co-director of the Boston Marathon for many years, uttered those words to emphasize he was just following US and International rules when he attempted to physically remove Kathrine Switzer's race number during the 1967 Boston Marathon.

28 entrants got this fairly Google-proof answer correct and Peter D'Antonio of parts currently unknown had his name drawn as this month's winner. He receives an Olga Appell autograph, congratulations Peter!

For September 2006

"What is Lornah Kiplagat's best time for 5K?"

If you had visited www.lornah.com you would know the answer is 14:47.

18 entrants did answer correctly and Charlie Siggins of Rutland, Vermont is our winner this month. Charlie receives a Lornah Kiplagat autograph for his running acumen.

For August 2006

Who said:

"My fantasy was wrong, because I started the last lap...Boom! And I started to sprint...and they were twice as fast as me!

And you see, gold medal, silver medal, bronze medal; and for me...potato. What to do?

What to do? I must run!"

OK...We knew this one would be challenging, and only 14 hard core running know-it-alls answered correctly.The answer of course is the great Emil Zatopek. He was describing his dramatic final lap of the 1952 Olympic 5,000 in Helsinki, which you can watch here.

Our winner this month is Andrew Danner of Louisville, Kentucky, and he receives a Grete Waitz autograph, congratulations Andy!

For July 2006

"What achievement first brought Marty Liquori national attention?"

We received a variety of answers on this one. Some said his Dream Mile victory over Jim Ryun in 1971 first garnered Marty national attention...If you get a chance read Ryun's account of that race in his book "In Quest of Gold", very different from Marty's, but I digress...

Some gave his competing in the '68 Olympics as the youngest athlete to do so at that time...But you have to go back a year earlier, to June 23, 1967 when Marty became the 3rd high school athlete to break 4 minutes for the mile, running 3:59.8 for Essex Catholic High School.

49 entrants answered correctly and Bill Browning of Rogersville, Tennessee was selected as this month's winner. Bill receives an Uta Pippig signed promo card for his effort!

For June 2006

"What are the names of the three male runners to win the Boston Marathon 3 times in a row?"

27 entrants knew that the triple threats were Clarence DeMar, Bill Rodgers and Cosmas Ndeti.
Julio Dalangin
of Hagatna, Guam wins this month's prize, a Geoff Smith autograph!

For May 2006

To win the marathon at the Munich Olympics in 1972 Frank Shorter had to defeat:

  • The defending Olympic champion from Ethiopia
  • The world record holder from Australia
  • The favorite from Great Britain

"What are the names of two of the three?"

53 entrants dispatched this one easily, naming the defending Olympic Champ, Mamo Wolde, the world record holder from Australia, Derek Clayton, and the favorite from Great Britain, Ron Hill.

The winner this month is Derick Lawrence of Cincinnati, Ohio. Derick receives an autographed Frank Shorter Hall of Fame card, congrats!

For April 2006

Predict the winner of the 2006 Boston Marathon...

Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot
wins his second Boston Marathon in record time and four contest entrants picked him to win.

The winners are:

Noreen Rebich of Missoula, Montana
Erin Huran
of Fairport, New York
Anne Risgin of Winchester, Massachusetts

along with the Grand Prize Winner:

Kenneth Chilcoat of Tacoma, Washington. Kenneth receives a 1997 Boston Marathon poster autographed by:

John J. Kelley -1957 Boston Marathon Champion, 2 time Olympian
8 Time US Marathon Champion
Steve Jones - Marathon WR holder, London & Chicago Champion
Patti Dillon - WR holder, 2006 Distance Running HOF inductee
Jen Rhines - 2004 Olympian, Distance specialist
Tim Broe - 2004 Olympian, American Record Holder
Olesya Nurgalieva (Russia) - Honolulu and Frankfurt Marathon Champion
Carrie Tollefson - 2004 Olympian, Middle Distance Specialist
Clint Verran - Top 10 Finisher at Boston this year, running 2:14
Amy Rudolph-Carroll - 2 Time Olympian

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who entered!

For March 2006

"What height is highjumper Cornelius Warmerdam most famous for clearing?"

We had 33 entrants soar over this one...Cornelius was the first to clear 15 feet.

Jeff Wertmann of Uniontown, Ohio had his name pulled out of the hat as this month's winner, Jeff receives a Cornelius Warmerdam autograph for his effort!

For February 2006

"How many Olympic Medals did Wyomia Tyus win in her career?"

In her Olympic 100m Final there were four other World Record holders in the race...yet she became the first sprinter in history to win back to back Olympic Gold medals in her event...and a total of 4 Olympic Medals for her career.

30 fans sprinted to that correct answer, and Lou Harris of Middleburg, Florida was selected as this month's winner. Congratulations Lou! You will soon receive a Wyomia Tyus autograph in the mail.

For January 2006

"At which two Olympic Games did Daley Thompson win the Decathlon gold?"

56 entrants answered correctly this month, submitting Moscow 1980 and LA 1984 as the Olympic Games at which Daley Thompson struck gold.  William Latter of Pasedena, CA is this month's winner. He receives a Daley Thompson autograph for his effortt!

Archive of previous trivia contest questions, answers and winners


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