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Archive 1996-2005

To preserve our monthy trivia contests for all time we created this archive. Enjoy!

Questions, Answers and Winners


For December 2005

"How many World Records were set by Ron Clarke?"

This question proved to be a challenge for everyone, including us! 

It seemed so easy, but the information on this was confusing. As Raymond Goldstone, a regular contest entrant put it, "I found what appear to be reliable sources that provide different answers." The answer appears to fall somewhere between 17-19 World Records set by Ron Clarke. He also set indoor records and junior records. Because of this blurry data we are being lenient on correct answers that were accepted, if you were close, your name was added to the prize drawing.

We had 38 "correct" entrants and Steve Barnes of Fishers, Indiana was selected as this month's winner, and he receives a Ron Clarke autograph.

For November 2005

"How many Olympic gold medals did Gwen Torrence win?"

This one was tough, with quite a few wrong answers submitted, but 18 people knew that Gwen has won 3 Olympic gold medals. She won the 200m gold in 1992 and she was on two 4x100m relay teams that won gold, in 1992 and 1996.

Kevin Quirk of North Attleboro, Massachusetts won this month's contest, and he receives a Gwen Torrence autograph, congratulations Kevin!

For October 2005

"What is Dave Wottle's best time for the 800 meters?"

Dave Wottle ran his best time of 1:44.3 during the 1972 US Olympic trials held in Eugene on July 1st. His time equaled the World Record then held by Peter Snell and Ralph Doubell.

47 entrants correctly answered our question and Mike O'Neal of Dallas, Texas was selected as this month's winner. He receives an autograph by Dave Wottle, congratulations Mike!

For September 2005

"During which race did Zola Budd and Mary Decker Slaney collide?"

Some of the 54 entrants this month found this question very easy...Because the answer was on this page, (See March 2003) until we were tipped off and temporarily removed it.

Tom from California also thought it was no sweat, he wrote:

Hey that's easy.... it was the 3000m final at the '84 Olympics in LA. My wife and I saw it on TV as were having dinner at a restaurant in Malibu... we saw the gold medal game in water polo that night!...

He added:

At the end of my freshman year in HS (1971) I was enticed into running my very first marathon after just 9 months of running. It was the Palos Verdes marathon. It was a brutally hilly course back then with a relentless uphill from miles 22 to 25.

I had an incredible race. It was the very first time in my life I did something really amazing: I pulled off a 3:14 and I beat all of our varsity runners. So what did my mom say when I crossed the finish line? She said, "You aren't going to believe it! This twelve
year old girl just finished two minutes ahead of you!!!" Yup.... that's little Mary Decker for you.

Sean Hunter of Corvalis, Oregon had his name drawn as this month's winner. Sean receives Mary Decker Slaney and Zola Budd autographs for his effort, congratulations Sean!

For August 2005

"What is Sonia O'Sullivan's best time for the mile?"

Sonia O'Sullivan ran her best mile at Oslo on July 22, 1994 where she finished in 4:17.25.

35 people knew Sonia's best time, and Jamie Leigh from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada was selected as this month's winner. Jamie wins a Sonia O'Sullivan autograph, congratulations!

For July 2005

"Which Canadian runner has the most Boston Marathon victories?"

Gerard Cote won at Boston 4 times, in 1940, 1943, 1944, and 1948. 56 entrants knew of the great Cote's record and Helmy Hartono of Kardinya, Australia is this month's winner. Helmy receives a promo card signed by Billy Mills...Crikey!

For June 2005

"Who, based on his books about "aerobics", is considered the father of the modern jogging craze?"

Dr. Kenneth Cooper wrote a best seller in 1968 titled "Aerobics" which is widely credited with igniting the jogging craze. We had 30 entrants answer correctly, and Michelle Cook of Union Grove, Wisconsin is the winner of this month's prize, an autograph by Olympian Dwight Stones!

For May 2005

"What world record was set by Susan Chepkemei?"

32 entrants knew that Susan Chepkemei has run 1:05:44 for the half-marathon, a record since broken by Paula Radcliffe.

Hans Nilsson, of Holmsund, Sweden, had his name drawn as this month's winner. Hans will receive an autograph by the speedy Susan Chepkemei!

For April 2005

Predict the winner of the 2005 Boston Marathon...

Five entrants predicted Hailu Negussie of Ethiopia would win the 2005 Boston Marathon. The contest winners, each receiving a Running Past poster of their choice, are:

Eric Luedeman of Gaffney South Carolina
John-Thomas Lewis of Clayton, Indiana
Heather Martin of Manhattan, Kansas
Ted Maloney of Missoula, Montana

along with the Grand Prize Winner:

Danielle Giblin of Rochester, New York.  Danielle receives a Boston Marathon "Elite Men" race sign autographed by:

Frank Shorter - 1972 Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist
Grete Waitz - 9 Time NYC Marathon Winner
Dick Beardsley - 2:08 marathoner, finished 2nd to Salazar in Boston 1982, the"Duel in the Sun".
Hal Higdon - Prolific Running Writer and top marathoner in the early 60s
Jacqueline Gareau - 1980 Boston Winner (The Rosie Ruiz year.) Grand Marshall of this year's race.
Jen Rhines - 2 time Olympian and '98 and '99 US 8K Champion.
Tiffany McWilliams - 2003 NCAA Outdoor 1500m Champion, 2004 NCAA Indoor Mile Champion.
Amy Rudolph - 2 time Olympian, 2 time US indoor 3000m Champion.
Carrie Tollefson - 2004 Olympian in the 1500m.

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who entered!

For March 2005

"Who was the first woman to win 4 gold medals in one Olympics?"

As one of our knowledgable entrants, Raymond Goldstone, wrote:

Francina "Fanny" Blankers-Koen (The Flying Housewife) was the first woman to win 4 gold medals in one Olympics.At the age of 30, she accomplished this feat at the 1948 Olympics in London, England. Representing the Netherlands, she won individual gold medals in the 100 meter race, in the 200 meter race and in the 80 meter hurdles; she won her fourth gold medal of the 1948 Olympics running the anchor leg for the Netherlands’ victorious 4x100 meter relay team.

Could she have won more than 4 gold medals in 1948? Although we shall never know because of a rule that limited women to competing in “just” 3 individual events in track & field, it is entirely possible: Although at the time of the 1948 Olympics she was in the early months of her third pregnancy, she was the reigning world record holder in both the high jump and the long jump.

39 people had this one right, and John Bladorn of Janesville, Wisconsin was the winner. John receives a promo card signed by Olympic and Boston Marathon Champion Gelindo Bordin!

For February 2005

In honor of Steve Prefontaine's birthday this past week...(1/25/51)

"What was Steve Prefontaine's best time for 10,000 meters? "

62 entrants knew that Pre went 27:43.6 for 10K in 1974.
Nicholas Salomone of Whittier, California is this month's winner and he will receive the rare 1978 Finnish version of the Steve Prefontaine Sportscaster Card!

For January 2005

"Frank Shorter is a graduate of what University?"

A record 82 entrants took an educated guess on this one and passed the test!  Frank Shorter graduated from Yale University and obtained his law degree from the University of Florida. Either answer was considered correct.

Chris Wile of West Newbury, Massachusetts was selected as the winner and receives an autographed Frank Shorter card. A+ job Chris!

For December 2004

"Which Olympic Marathon was the first to be run at night?"

51 entrants weren't in the dark on this one, it was the 1960 Rome Olympics that held it's marathon at night. The race was won by Abebe Bikila.

The winner this month is Paul Stofko of Chesterton, Indiana. He wins an autographed Billy Mills card, congratulations Paul!

For November 2004

"What male runner has won the NYC Marathon the most often?"

29 entrants knew that the King of the NYC Marathon is the "King of the Roads", "Boston Billy", Bill Rodgers.

Paul Tucknott of London, Ontario, Canada, is this month's winner. Paul receives a Turena Johnson Lane autograph for his answer. Congratulations!

For October 2004

Give the real name of at least two of theses three famous runners...

"The Milwaukee Meteor" - Charles Archibald “Archie” Hahn
"The Kansas Cowboy"
- Wes Santee
"The Moroccan Express" - Hicham El Guerrouj
OR Said Aouita

38 entrants guessed (or researched) correctly this month, and Greg Duvall of Findlay, Ohio was the winner. Greg receives an autograph by 2004 US 20K Champion Ryan Shay, congratulations!

The most complete answers came from Raymond Goldstone (Thanks Raymond!):

“The Milwaukee Meteor”: Charles Archibald “Archie” Hahn: He was one of the world’s best sprinters early in the 20th century. With sponsorship from the Milwaukee Athletic Club, he won the 60m, 100m and 200m races at the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis. The Games of 1904 were the first held in the United States, and drew only 13 nations and 687 competitors.

In an effort to bolster the still young Modern Olympic movement, the International Olympic Committee convened the 1906 Intercalated Summer Olympics. The committee eliminated the 60m and 200m races from the 1906 competition; however, the 100m race was contested and won by “Archie” Hahn. Thus, “The Milwaukee Meteor” had won the 100m race in successive Olympics. This was a first in Olympic history; and his accomplishment was not duplicated until 1988, when the 1984 100m Gold medalist, Carl Lewis, was declared the winner of the 100m race at the 1988 Olympic Games.

“The Kansas Cowboy”: Wes Santee: Fifty years ago, three men were engaged in an epic competition to run the mile in under 4 minutes: England’s Roger Bannister; Australia’s John Landy; and America’s Wes Santee. Santee, also known as “The Ashland Antelope,” was a record-breaking high school runner for Ashland High School in Ashland, Kansas. He entered Kansas University and became the University’s star runner, earning, for example, NCAA All-American honors three times and winning NCAA Championships in the 5,000m (1952), the mile (1953) and cross country (1953).

After graduating from Kansas University, he continued to run; and in 1954, he set a 1,500m world record. Suffice it to say, Santee was a great runner and a great miler. Indeed, at the risk of being accused of chauvinism, I believe that bad weather and poor track conditions at several events where he still came close to breaking the 4 minute barrier; the rigors of NCAA college team competition that precluded him from focusing his energies entirely upon the mile; the lack of wise training from Emil Zatopek, who taught John Landy well; and AAU threats that kept him from using pacesetters, runners used so successfully by Bannister when he became the first man to break the 4 minute barrier, had more to do with Santee’s never running a sub 4 minute mile and not becoming the first man to run a sub 4 minute mile than did a flaw in his natural running ability.

“The Moroccan Express”: Hicham El Guerrouj: Before the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Morocco’s legendary Hicham El Guerrouj was considered the greatest middle-distance runner never to win an Olympic title.

Before the 2004 Athens Games, he had accumulated a legion of records and victories, including 4 consecutive 1,500m world titles (i.e., 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003); and he arrived in Athens as the reigning world record holder in the 1,500m, mile and 2,000m. During the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, he eliminated the “never to win an Olympic title” from his bio as he won the Gold medal in both the 1,500m and the 5,000m; thus, becoming the first man in 80 years to duplicate Paavo Nurmi’s historic double.

For September 2004

"When was the last time a Kenyan runner won the Men's Olympic Marathon?"

Trick questions can make things challenging...The answer is NEVER!  47 entrants were not deceived and Kent Lang of Sedalia, Missouri had his name drawn as this month's winner. Kent receives a Moses Kiptanui autograph for his clever answer. Congratulations!

For August 2004

Which runner, after his landmark achievement, said:

"Après moi, le déluge." ("After me, the flood.")

Roger Bannister, after being the first to break the 4 minute mile, said the quote above. He knew he had removed a psychological barrier, and that many runners would soon follow.

This was a tough question as only 23 entrants answered correctly. Neil Schafer of Collegeville, Pennsylvania was selected as the winner this month. Neil receives a promo card signed by Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist Gelindo Bordin!

For July 2004

Which Olympian wrote the following?

"I haven't seen too many American distance men on the international scene willing to take risks...The Kenyans risk. Steve Prefontaine risked. I risked - I went through the first half of the Tokyo race just a second off my best 5000 time."

Billy Mills, 10K gold medalist at the Tokyo Games, provided the quote this month, and 71 entrants had the correct answer. Louis LeBlanc of Fairview, Oregon is this month's winner and he will receive a promo card signed by former marathon world record holder Khalid Khannouchi!

For June 2004

Which Olympian wrote the following?

"It was a wonderful feeling when I came alongside. I glanced at Shorter as I did so, and looked right into the eyes of a man who was my idol as a marathon runner. I knew all about him.

And yet I could tell by his return glance that he didn't know much, if anything, about me. The psychological advantage was mine."

55 entrants recognized the words of  Waldemar Cierpinski, writing about his victory over Frank Shorter in the 1976 Olympic Marathon. Zach Bradford of Woodstock, Virginia is this month's winner and he will receive an adidas promo card signed by the 2004 US Olympic Marathon Trials Champion Alan Culpepper!

For May 2004

"How many times did Roger Bannister run a sub four minute mile?"

The answer is twice, once at Iffley Road in Oxford on 6 May, 1954 when he first broke the 4 minute mile, and again on August 7th at Empire Stadium in Vancouver, in the "Miracle Mile" race against John Landy.

25 entrants had this answer correct, and SSG Matthew Parker of the 1st Armored Division serving in Baghdad, Iraq, had his name drawn as this month's winner. Matthew receives a Diadora promo card signed by Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist and Boston Marathon Champion Gelindo Bordin!

For April 2004

Predict the winner of the 2004 Boston Marathon...

Timothy Cherigat of Kenya was the answer. He won the 108th running of the Boston Marathon in 2:10:37

Out of 55 entries we only had three winners! Chris Van Cott, of Burlington, Vermont, April Pace of Salem, Missouri and Isaiah Parramore of Missoula, Montana are the only winners and since there are only three we will make them all Grand Prize winners.

They get their choice of one of the four posters pictured to the right on this page, as well as a choice of a 2004 Boston Marathon poster signed by the artist, or one "A Boston Legacy" lithograph signed by four Boston Marathon legends, or one "Billy's Breakthrough" lithograph signed by Bill Rodgers.

The most people selected Rodgers Rop of Kenya to win the race, so we were sweating that one out...we might have had to give away a lot of stuff! Our pick to win was Rop as well, but he failed to finish.

We did pick Catherine Ndereba to win on the women's side, which she did. That's why we didn't include the women's race in our contest, Catherine was the obvious favorite and it would have been too easy.

To all our regular contest entrants, better luck next year!

We are ran this contest to celebrate Running Past's 10th Anniversary. Running Past was launched in April of 1994.

For March 2004

"Who currently holds the Men's World Record for the Half Marathon?"

43 entrants knew that Paul Tergat holds the record at 59:17, run in Milano in 1998. That's 4:31.5 per mile pace!

Liam Fayle of Elma, New York, was this month's winner, and he will receive an autograph by Bill Rodgers.

For February 2004

"Who won the Wanamaker Mile that became known as the 'Longest Mile in History'?"

A tough one. Don Gehrmann won the longest mile in history, the 1950 Wanamaker Mile. Don had raced Fred Wilt to a photo finish, so close in fact, that the finish line judges could not decide who won. The head judge gave the race to Gehrmann, but weeks later the AAU got involved and declared Wilt the winner. That decision was appealed and eleven months after the race Gehrmann was finally declared the official winner.

We had 31 correct entrants and Sean Hunter of Corvallis, Oregon, was this month's winner. Sean will receive an autograph by elite marathoner Kenneth Cheruiyot of Kenya!

For January 2004

"Who was responsible for the creation of the Modern Olympic Games?"

We started the year of with an easy question...and 55 people got it right. At a meeting of the Union of French Societies of Athletic Sports in 1894, Pierre Frédy, Baron de Coubertin, announced that he wanted to revive the Olympic Games. Later that year he founded the International Olympic Committee.

Cindy Jackson of Sarasota, Florida was selected as this month's winner, and will receive an autographed Joan Benoit Samuelson card. Congratulations!

For December 2003

"What is the oldest continuously run road race in North America?"

There are a few races that would like to lay claim to being the oldest in North America, or the world for that matter, and they are not. The Morpeth to Newcastle race in England claims to be the oldest in the world, having been first run in 1904. Sorry boys, not even close! The "Around the Bay" 30K Roadrace in Hamilton, Ontario was first run on Christmas Day, 1894 and takes top honors in North America, and possibly the world, as the oldest road race.

We had 35 correct entries and Jeff Clark of Cincinnati, Ohio is the lucky winner of an autographed promocard of Deena Drossin! Congratulations Jeff!

For November 2003

"By how many minutes did P Diddy break Oprah's record for the marathon? "

P. Diddy finished the 2003 NYC Marathon with a chip time of 4 hours, 14 minutes, 54 seconds, bettering Oprah Winfrey's marathon time of 4:29:20 by 14:26. Oprah set her mark at the 1994 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C.

52 entrants had the correct answer and Adam Gaston of Bellevue, Washington is this month's winner. Adam receives a promo card signed by three time 3,000 m Steeplechase World Champion Moses Kiptanui!

For October 2003

"What is the longest footrace contested in the Olympics? "

The answer is, of course, the Men's 50K Racewalk, which is approximately 5 miles longer than the marathon. 52 entrants nailed this one, and Marco Milani of São Paulo, Brazil is the winner of an autographed Khalid Khannouchi poster!

For September 2003

"Who are three Boston Marathon winners who once ran for the Greater Boston Track Club? "

There are 4 possible answers to this month's question, Bill Rodgers, Alberto Salazar, Greg Meyer and Jack Fultz. 30 entrants answered correctly and the winner is Theresa Wagner of Florida, NY. Terry receives a Marla Runyan autograph, congratulations!

For August 2003

"Who was the first runner to set the world record under 10 seconds for the 100 meter dash? "

Only 19 entrants knew that Jim Hines broke the 10 second barrier in 1968. Jesse Squire of Bowling Green, Ohio was selected as this month's winner. Jesse wins a promo card signed by 2 time Olympian Cathy O'Brien.

Here's how one entrant, Raymond Goldstone, answered this month's question:

"I am reasonably sure, but not positive, that my answer to the August 2003 Trivia Question is correct; and the road to that answer brought back many memories of the politically charged Summer Olympic Games of 1968 in Mexico City.

Amongst those memories were the escalating War in Vietnam; the Democratic Convention in Chicago; the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia; the assassination of Martin Luther King; the murder of scores of university student protestors in La Plaza de las Tres Culturas at Tlatelolco in Mexico City by the Mexican army just days before the Games; Tommy Smith and John Carlos definitive gesture on the medal podium after their medal winning performances in the 200 meter race and their hasty, subsequent, involuntary deportation; the palpable tensions between IOC, USOC and OPHR; yes, even the remarkable athletic performances of the likes of Al Oerter, Bob Beamon, Dick Fosbury, Vera Cáslavská, Debby Meyer, and . . . of the man, born in Arkansas, who found his way to the 1968 Summer Games via Oakland, California and Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas, and who ran the fastest 100 meter dash ever before officially sanctioned.

"Who was the first to run under 10 seconds for the 100 meter dash?"

Answer: JIM HINES. It is my understanding that prior to the 1968 Summer Games, during the 1968 AAU Nationals at Sacramento, California, while running for the Houston Striders in a semifinal heat in the 100 meter dash, he was hand-timed at 9.9 seconds; and, thus, became the first human to run under 10 seconds for the 100 meter dash. But the mark was hand- timed. However, any doubt that may have remained after the Nationals was removed forever when, at the 1968 Summer Games, he defeated rivals Lennox Miller, Charlie Green and Mel Pender in the finals of the 100 meter dash in an electronically timed mark of 9.95: A mark considered by "officials" as faster than the hand-timed mark set in Sacramento and a mark that lasted fifteen years."

For July 2003

"On which track did Roger Bannister first run a sub four minute mile? "

42 entrants correctly named Oxford University track at Iffley Road, Oxford, England as the site of that landmark mile. Mike Mitchell of Cincinnati, Ohio is this month's winner. He receives a card autographed by Boston and NYC Marathon Champ Margaret Okayo.

For June 2003

"By running the first sub 4 minute mile, whose world record did Roger Bannister break?"

42 entrants had this one correct, it was Gunder Haegg of Sweden who held the mile record when Roger Bannister shattered it with the first sub four minute mile in 1954. Haegg had run 4:01.4 nine years earlier.

Mike Shuman of Boise, Idaho was selected as this month's winner and he receives a promo card signed by Cheri Kenah.

For May 2003

"Who is considered the father of Kenyan distance running?"

66 entrants recognized Kipchoge "Kip" Keino as the father of Kenyan distance running. Kip won the 1,500m gold medal at the 1968 Olympics and the 3,000m steeplechase gold medal at the 1972 Olympics. His success spurred generations of Kenyan athletes to follow in his footsteps.

Our winner this month, Susan Bialek of Larksville, Pennsylvania, receives a DVD of the Steve Prefontaine movie "Without Limits."

For April 2003

For April we had a special Boston Marathon edition of our monthly contest...

"Who will win the men's open division in the 2003 Boston Marathon?"

49 entrants took a shot at picking the winner, most going for the defending champ, Rodgers Rop.

Only 3 entrants correctly predicted Robert Cheruiyot as the winner. John Reinhart of White Bear Lake, Minnesota had his name drawn as the Grand Prize Winner. Congratulations John! A very impressive prediction. John won a 1997 Boston Marathon poster that we took to the Boston Marthon Expo and had as many famous runners autograph it as possible. It was signed by:

Khalid Khannouchi, Bobbi Gibb, Johnny Kelley, Grete Waitz, Greg Meyer, Amby Burfoot, Steve Jones, Todd Williams and Alan Culpepper.

Steve Rogers of South Porcupine, Ontario and Lee Stanton of Burlington, Vermont also predicted correctly and each received a Bill Rodgers "Relentless" poster.

For March 2003

"Who did Mary Decker Slaney collide with in the 1984 Olympic 3000 Meter Final?"

Raymond Goldstone was one of 90 people with the correct answer this month, he provided a first person account:

"On August 10, 1984, in the early evening, I was watching the race from my seat in the Los Angeles Coliseum. With approximately three laps left in the 3,000 Meter Final, Mary Decker Slaney was running in the inside lane. Her spikes "collided" with the shoeless right foot of, ZOLA BUDD.

Reaching out as she fell, Decker Slaney tried to stay upright by grabbing something, anything: She managed to grab only Zola Budd's number 151 off her back. She tried to get up, but could not. Like many others, my attention remained focused on the weeping, fallen runner; and I didn't learn that Romanian Maricica Puica had won the race until well after it was decided when I saw her final strides replayed on the giant screen at the Peristyle end of the stadium."

The winner this month is David R. Gentry of The Woodlands, Texas. He receives a card autographed by Mary Decker Slaney!

For February 2003

"Who holds the current world record for the indoor mile, and what is his record?"

51 entrants knew that Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco currently holds the world record of 3:48:45 for the indoor mile, set on February 12, 1997, at the Flanders Sports Arena in Ghent, Belgium. Our winner this month is Scott Alexanderson of Saxtons River, Vermont. He receives an autographed promo card of Yobes Ondieki, the first person to break 27 minutes for 10K. Congrats to Scott!

For January 2003

"Who are the well known runners with the following nicknames?"

The Buckeye Bullet Jesse Owens
The Rube Steve Prefontaine
The Pride of Pawtucket Les Pawson
King of the Roads Bill Rodgers
Chairman of the Boards Eamonn Coghlan
El Caballo (The Horse) Alberto Juantorena
The Streak of Bronze Thomas Longboat
The Shifter Miruts Yifter

51 entrants had at least four of the names correct and David Murcko from Lodi, New Jersey had his entry drawn as this month's winner. He received a DVD of the Steve Prefontaine movie "Without Limits" for that name recognition!

For December 2002

"When Khalid Khannouchi first set the marathon world record in 1999, whose record did he break?"

When Khalid Khannouchi ran 2: 05' 42" on October 24, 1999 in Chicago he shattered the record held by Ronaldo da Costa of Brazil. Ronaldo had run 2: 06' 05" on September 20, 1998 in the Berlin Marathon.

60 people got this one right and Glenn Maziar had his name drawn as the winner. Glenn receives an autographed Khalid Khannouchi poster for his effort and luck!

For November 2002

"In what year was the last time Americans won BOTH the men's and woman's races in the NYC Marathon?"

27 entrants knew that it has been 25 years since Americans won both the mens' and womens' races in the NYC Marathon. In 1977 Bill Rodgers and Miki Gorman were the winners.

Our winner this month is Jose Fuentes of Boise, Idaho. Jose receives a promo card autographed by German Silva...Congratulations!

For October 2002

"What was the company Nike called before it was named Nike?"

The original name of Nike was Blue Ribbon Sports.

40 entrants had that answer this month and Judith Rachmani of Ramat-Gan, Israel was selected as this month's winner. Judith receives an autographed Lornah Kiplagat promo card for her trivia acumen. Congratulations!

For September 2002

"How many times has a Canadian been the men's open division Boston Marathon Champion?"

Canadian athletes have enjoyed great success in the Boston Marathon, winning the mens' open division 16 times! The Canadian record:

1898 Ronald J. MacDonald 2:42:00
1900 John Caffery 2:39:44
1901 John Caffery 2:29:23
1907 Thomas Longboat 2:24:24
1910 Fred Cameron 2:28:52
1914 James Duffy 2:25:14
1915 Edouard Fabre 2:31:41
1926 John C. Miles 2:25:40
1929 John C. Miles 2:33:08
1934 Dave Komonen 2:32:53
1937 Walter Young 2:33:20
1940 Gerard Cote 2:28:28
1943 Gerard Cote 2:28:25
1944 Gerard Cote 2:31:50
1948 Gerard Cote 2:31:02
1977 Jerome Drayton 2:14:46

33 entrants got this one right and Monte Wells of Amarillo, Texas had his name drawn as this month's winner. This month Monte will receive an autographed Frank Shorter 30th Anniversary Falmouth Road Race card.

For August 2002

"Which countrywoman of Derartu Tulu has won Olympic gold in a distance event?"

40 people knew that Derartu Tulu is from Ethiopia, and Fatuma Roba also represented Ethiopia when she won the 1996 Olympic gold medal in the marathon.

Congratulations go to John Clark of Chelsea, Maine as this month's winner. John receives a card signed by double Olympic Gold medalist Derartu Tulu.

For July 2002

The record stood for 10 years and was held by Lynn Jennings...

"What US record did Deena Drossin recently break?"

The answer is the 10,000 meter record. Deena ran 30:50.32 this past May to break Lynn Jennings record by 29 second seconds.

52 entrants had this one correct and Karl O'Leary of Oneonta, NY is this month's winner. Karl receives a Deena Drossin autographed card for his effort.

For June 2002

"What are the names of all the Olympic Games where Mamo Wolde competed?"

22 fans knew that Mamo Wolde's incredible Olympic career spanned 16 years and 4 Olympic Games. He competed at Melbourne 1956, Tokyo 1964, Mexico City 1968, and Munich 1972. He won gold in the marathon in Mexico in '68.

Mike Mitchell of Cincinnati, Ohio had the luck of the draw and won a Frank Shorter autographed card as this month's winner. Congratulations Mike!

For May 2002

"Who stopped competing for six years during his prime, yet is one of the greatest marathoners in history?"

Only 13 entrants had this answer....Clarence DeMar, the 1911 Boston Marathon Champion, stopped competing for six years due to his doctor's advice. The doctor discovered DeMar had a heart murmur and recommended he stopped running. He returned to competition in 1917 and would win Boston six more times.

Bill Knipmeyer of Centennial, Colorado was selected as this month's winner and he receives a promo card signed by former 5K World Record holder David Moorcroft.

For April 2002

We ran a special contest for April...

"Who will win the men's race at the 2002 Boston Marathon?"

Our trivia contest entrants knew the answer!

Rodgers Rop received the most votes as the favorite to win in our Boston Marathon Edition Trivia Contest.

Rodgers Rop
Lee Bong-Ju
Joshua Chelang'a
Ben Kimondiu
Silvio Guerra
Fred Kiprop
Peter Githuka
Simon Bor
David Kiptum Busienei
Moses Tanui
Elijah Lagat
Joseph Chebet

All five entrants who selected Rodgers Rop received an autographed copy of Bobbi Gibb's book "To Boston With Love".
The winners are:

Dan Giblin of Rochester, NY
Sherry Watts of London, Ontario
Michael Knox of Terrytown, LA
Brian Schafer
of Allentown, PA
Glenn Reigelman
of O'fallon, IL

Congratulations to all!

For March 2002

"Who is known as the father of American ultra-distance running?"

32 entrants correctly named Ted Corbitt as the driving force and founding father of American ultra-distance running. David Gentry is this month's winner. Dave receives a card autographed by the palindromic Anuta Catuna.

For February 2002

Who wrote the following?

"Having been speed trained on the track at Georgetown, the 5:20 pace I set out on was very easy to maintain and I was confident the heat would get those who went out hard.

I don't love the heat but I respect rather than fear it. As such it doesn't effect me anymore than it should.

I took the lead at 18 miles and never saw anyone after that. The photographers on the press truck were guessing my name because my number washed off..."

28 sharp-eyed entrants recognized Georgetown graduate Jack Fultz as the writer of the above account of the 1976 Boston Marathon.

Angie Pontanini of South Elgin, Illinios had her name drawn as this month's winner. Angie wins an autographed Bill Toomey card for her effort.

For January 2002

"Which country has set the most world records for the men's marathon?"

The answer is Great Britain which had it's native sons set the men's marathon world record 8 times:

2:42:31 Henry Barrett May 26, 1909
2:38:17 Harry Green May 12, 1913
2:20:43 Jim Peters June 14, 1952
2:18:41 Jim Peters June 13, 1953
2:18:35 Jim Peters October 4, 1953
2:17:40 Jim Peters June 26, 1954
2:13:55 Basil Heatley June 13, 1964
2:08:05 Steve Jones October 21, 1984

The US was second with 6 world records. 27 entrants answered correctly and Robert Zaiger of New York City was selected as this month's winner.

Robert receives a card signed by triple Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Snell.

For December 2001

"Who was the first person to ever run faster than 2 hours and 20 minutes for the marathon?"

Jim Peters ran 2:18:40.2 on June 13, 1953 to be the first ever under 2:20.

29 people answered correctly but Frank Dooley of Beachwood, New Jersey was selected as this month's winner, and he receives a promo card signed by former marathon world record holder Steve Jones. Congratulations Frank!

For November 2001

"Who won the Boston Marathon while publicizing the plight of his starving nation?"

In 1946 Stylianos Kyriakides of Greece won the Boston Marathon and raised money for his country, decimated during WWII.

44 entrants got this one right and Chris Ronan of Lenexa, Kansas had his name drawn as this month's winner.

Chris receives an autographed Billy Mills card for his expertise.

For October 2001

Men In Black...

An island about the size of the State of Colorado produced three great milers during the 20th century...

"Who are the three world record setting milers to come from the same island nation in the Pacific?"

Wearing the famous all black racing kit of New Zealand, Jack Lovelock, Peter Snell and John Walker all ran to world records in the mile.

31 people answered correctly and Ben Susser of Livingston, New Jersey was selected as this month's winner. Ben receives a card autographed by the great hurdler, Harrison Dillard.

For September 2001

"What world class road race was founded by bartender Tommy Leonard, inspired by Frank Shorter's Olympic Marathon victory?"

As Frank Shorter entered Munich Olympic Stadium 29 years ago this month, Tommy Leonard, a bartender working in Cape Cod, watched the race on tv in a bar. He was so inspired by Frank winning the gold medal in the marathon he founded the Falmouth 7.1 mile road race the following summer, in 1973.

32 surfing souls got this question correct, and the winner was Kevin Lavelle of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Kevin receives an autographed Frank Shorter card this month!

For August 2001

"What is the name of the woman who was prevented from crossing the finish line by male runners in the 1967 Boston Marathon?"

Many people assumed that the answer must be Kathrine Switzer because of the famous photo of her being assaulted by race director Jock Semple in that race...But no, lost in the media blitz around K. Switzer was the FIRST woman to finish the race that year, Bobbi Gibb. She was blocked from crossing the finish line by male runners who actually linked arms to stop her!

31 enlightened entrants (many requiring two guesses) answered correctly this month.

Adam Wohl of Sandusky, Ohio was selected as this month's winner. Adam receives a promo card signed by Irish Olympian Sonia O'Sullivan. Congratulations!

For July 2001

Who are the well known marathoners with the following nicknames?

The Rookie
The Beast

This month's question seems to have been more challenging than we thought. Only 16 entrants answering correctly, and we only asked for four of the five names!

Deek - Robert de Castella

Buddy - Leonard G. Edelen

Tarzan - Ellison Myers Brown

The Rookie - Alberto Salazar

The Beast - Emil Zatopek

Congratulations to Jay Johnson of Boulder, Colorado for being selected as this months' winner. Jay will receive a promo card signed by Rod DeHaven.

For June 2001

"In what year was the current men's American Mile Record set? "

28 entrants found this one easy to answer...Steve Scott set the current American Mile Record by running 3:47:69 in Oslo, Norway on July 7, 1982.

Oliver Richards of Chicago, Illinois had his name drawn as this month's winner.

For May 2001

"He appeared on the Olympic scene at age 24. Over the next ten years he would set the world record for every distance from 1500m to 20K. He would end his career with 12 Olympic medals...What is his name?"

It could only be "The Phantom Finn", Paavo Nurmi. Nurmi won 9 gold and 3 silver Olympic medals during his career.

24 contestants answered correctly, and Keenan Robbins of Mankato, Minnesota had his name drawn as this month's winner. Keenan receives a foldout promo card signed by two-time Olympian Mark Croghan!

For April 2001

"Who has the most career victories at the Boston Marathon?"

Many people gave the name Clarence H. DeMar as the answer to this question...An excellent guess as Clarence has won the Boston Marathon 7 times. But the person with the most career victories is Jean Driscoll, she has won the women's wheelchair race in Boston 8 times, her final victory coming in the 2000 edition of the the race.

25 people had the correct answer.. Congratulations go to Frank Thomason from Alexandria, Virginia. who was selected as our April winner. Frank wins an Moses Tanui autograph for his display of trivia knowledge!

For March 2001

"What is the nickname of Madeline Manning Mims' college track team?"

26 whiz kids correctly answered the Tennesee State Tigerbelles.

This month we are selecting two winners. Harold Or of Singapore and Tony Lippert of Havana, Illinois both receive an autographed card signed by Olympian Madeline Manning Mims. Congratulations to Harold and Tony!

For February 2001

"Who was the world record holding hurdler that gave up his Olympic eligibility to play professional football?

34 entrants knew that Renaldo "Skeets" Nehemiah joined the San Francisco 49ers as a wide receiver instead of going for the gold in the 1984 Olympics. That cleared the way for Roger Kingdom to win the 110m hurdles in LA that year.

Greg Carroll of Cazenovia, NY had his name drawn as this month's winner and he receives an autographed Roger Kingdom card for clearing that hurdle!

For January 2001

"How old was Bob Mathias when he won the Olympic gold medal in the Decathlon in 1948?

49 entrants accepted the challenge and answered correctly...Bob Mathias was 17 years old when he won in 1948, after having only three months experience in the decathlon!

This month's winner is Raymond Goldstone of Los Angeles, California. Raymond receives an autographed Bob Mathias 1991 U.S Olympicard. Congratulations Ray!

For December 2000

In which Olympic city did Gwen Torrence win her individual Olympic gold medal?

We received 42 correct entries this month that named Barcelona as the answer.

Cregg Weinmann of Bakersfield, California had his name drawn as the winner of a 1996 Upper Deck Wilma Rudolph/ Gwen Torrence card signed by Gwen Torrence!

For November 2000

Who holds the women's record for fastest time in the New York City Marathon?

46 entrants knew that Lisa Ondieki set the women's course record in 1992 by running 2:24:40.

Brian Buchner of Orlando, Florida was selected as this month's winner. Brian receives a mouse pad autographed by Grete Waitz! (Where do we get this stuff?)...Congratulations Brian!

For October 2000

It had been anticipated for decades, and on May 6, 1954 the greatest running barrier was shattered. Here's how the stadium announcer added to the agonizing suspense that day with his pronouncement:

"Ladies and gentlemen, here is the result of event number nine, the one mile. First, number 41, R. G. Bannister, of the Amateur Athletic Association and formerly of Exeter and Merton Colleges, with a time which is a new meeting and track record and which, subject to ratification will be a new English native, British national, British all comers', European, British Empire and World record. The time is THREE..."

"How many days after Roger Bannister first broke the four minute mile barrier did the second athlete accomplish that feat?"

39 entrants took a few minutes to respond that it was 46 days later when John Landy duplicated Bannister's feat, breaking the world record in the process.

Aaron Derdowski of Nashville, Tennessee had his name drawn as this month's winner. Aaron receives a Roger Bannister autograph...Congratulations!

For September 2000

"Who were the other two US athletes competing with Frank Shorter in the 1972 Olympic Marathon?"

37 Olympic aficionados knew that Kenny Moore and Jack Bachelor accompanied Frank Shorter to Munich as the other marathoners on the 1972 US Olympic team. Kenny Moore finished 4th in 2:15:40 and Jack Bacheler finished 9th in 2:17:39.

Roy Seelye of Newington, Connecticut was selected as the winner of a Frank Shorter autographed card. Congratulations Roy!

For August 2000

"Steve Jones set a world best for the marathon in what city?"

37 people had the answer this month. Here's how one entrant answered the question:

"This is an easy one--Chicago!  I believe it was 1984, possibly 1985. 
Lopes vs. DeCastella vs. Jones.  Also Kristiansen vs. Benoit.

I watched the Chicago marathon when Jones set his WR.  I was at the 20M mark, near Wrigley field.  The local CBS affiliate had a TV truck parked on the street.  (There wasn't a pace truck with an on-going clock back then.)  I peered through the window to see the live feed shortly before Jones, Lopes and Deek hit 20 miles. 

The monitor said 1:37 something, and I immediately realized they were on world record pace.  I told the reporter, Phil Walters (recently deceased) that the leaders were on record pace.  He asked, "Are you sure?" then he immediately went on the air with it. 

Jones, Lopes, and Deek turned onto a diagonal street, and Jones had stoked the pace to where it seemed Lopes and Deek were desperately hanging on.  It was an unbelievable sight--an Olympic champion and a world champion getting hammered by an unknown!

My wife and I hopped into a cab near Wrigley, and headed towards the 25M mark on Marine Drive.  There weren't many people lining the pavement when we got there.  Jones came by, his singlet drooping over his shoulder, obviously feeling the effects of what turned out to be low 4:40 pace for the last 10K.  I yelled to him "World record pace!  World record pace!  Don't slow down!"  as he zoomed by.

Well, Jones did set the world record that day.  And he was kind enough to afterwards mention that by 25 miles he was really hurting, but someone shouted to him that he was on world record pace, and he kept up the pace until the finish.  It's in Mike Sandrock's book "Running With the Legends". 

That person was me!" - John Moody 

Congratulations go to Dave Weed of Salina, Kansas whose name was drawn as this month's winner. He receives an autographed Steve Jones water bottle as this month's prize. We will also send an autographed bottle to John Moody for his account of that record run!

For July 2000

"A US runner once set five world records and tied a sixth in less than 60 minutes. What is his name?"

30 entrants knew it could only be the great Jesse Owens!

On May 25, 1935 Jesse Owens was competing in the Big Ten Championships at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Imagine this...

At 3:15 p.m. he tied the world record in the 100 yard dash, running 9.4.

At 3:25 he broke the long jump record by six inches, jumping 26' 8 1/4". This record would stand for almost 25 years.

At 3:45 he ran the 220 yard dash in 20.3 seconds, taking 3/10 of a second off the record. That also beat the record for the shorter 200 meter dash.

At 4:00 he ran the 220 yard low hurdles in 22.6. He was the first to break 23 seconds. He set the record for the 200 meter hurdles en route as well.

Scott MacKenzie had his name drawn as this month's winner. Scott receives an autograph of US Olympian Lynn Jennings for his effort. Congratulations!

For June 2000

"The Women's 800m final at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games was the most devastating women's race in Olympic history. Why?"

Several women collapsed at the end of the race and had to be given aid. This alarming sight caused IOC officials to consider banning women from competing in any Olympic sport. Doctors suggested that women who participated in such feats of endurance would become "old too soon".

As a result the I.A.A.F banned women from competing in any race longer than 200 meters and women in the Olympics did not run a race longer than 1/2 lap for 32 years.

27 entrants had the correct answer and Eric Bray was selected as this month's winner. Eric receives an autographed Adam Goucher promo card for his knowledge of women's running!

For May 2000

"Who was the last foreign born runner to win an Olympic gold medal for the USA in the men's marathon?"

34 avid marathon fans knew that Frank Shorter was born in Munich, Germany to American parents. Frank's father was an army doctor stationed there in 1947.

Anthony Bailey of Belfair, Washington was selected as the lucky winner of an Anuta Catuna autographed promo card. Congrats Anthony!

For April 2000

"In what year did the official Boston Marathon winner not run the entire race?"

Many entrants thought the infamous Rosie Ruiz running(?) in 1980 was the answer, but although she wore the laurel wreath for a few days she was not the official winner that year. 11 people correctly answered 1918, the year a military relay was run instead of the standard individual marathon. Ten men competed for per team, each running only 2.5 miles.

David Murcko of Lodi, New Jersey was selected as this month's winner. David receives an autographed promo card of 1997 Runner of the Year Joseph Kimani!

For March 2000

"How many obstacles do you have to jump in the 3,000 meter Steeplechase?"

38 entrants had the correct answer of 35, 28 hurdles and 7 water jumps! Jim Stack of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania had his name drawn as this month's winner. Jim receives a promo card autographed by Olympic Steeplechaser Mark Croghan. Congratulations!

For February 2000

"Why did Jim Thorpe have his Olympic gold medals revoked?"

A year after winning the pentathlon and the decathlon gold medals at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games it was revealed that Thorpe had earned $25 dollars a week playing minor league baseball in North Carolina in 1909 and 1910.

The A.A.U, the American Olympic Committee and the I.O.C all moved against Thorpe and demanded the return of his medals. The two silver medalists in those events refused to accept the gold medals when they were forwarded to them by the I.O.C.

On January 18, 1983, thirty years after he died, Jim Thorpe's gold medals were presented to his children.

A record 68 entrants answered correctly and Keith Cooper of St. Louis, Missouri was selected as this month's winner. Keith receives an autographed Todd Williams promo card for his trivia talent!

For January 2000

"What nation set the most world records for the men's mile in the past century?"

39 people had the correct answer...Great Britain. Nine mile world records were set by runners from the UK like Bannister, Coe, Ovett and Cram. Congratulations go to John Moody from Somers, Wisconsin. John wins an Uta Pippig autograph for his display of trivia knowledge!

For December 1999

"What current elite marathoner's name is a palindrome?"

This one you either knew right off or you didn't...28 clever entrants had the correct answer of Anuta Catuna (Her name is spelled the same backwards as it is forwards) and Scott Wolfe of Etowah, North Carolina was selected as the winner. Congratulations to Scott for starting the year off right! He receives an autographed Moses Tanui promo card for his efforts.

For November 1999

"Who were the first US athletes to win the 5,000m, the 10,000m and the Marathon in the Olympics?"

20 people knew that Bob Schul won the 5K in the 1964 Olympics, Billy Mills won the 10K in the 1964 Olympics and Thomas Hicks won the 1904 Olympic Marathon.

Dave Cuplin of Spokane, Washington had his name drawn as this month's winner. Dave receives an autographed promo card of Olympian Jim Spivey for his efforts.


For September 1999

"Why didn't Harrison Dillard win the 110m High Hurdles Gold Medal at the 1948 London Games?"

26 people knew that Harrison did not compete in the hurdles in the 1948 Olympics. He failed to qualify in the hurdles even though he was the world record holder. He hit a hurdle at the US Olympic Trials and did not finish the race.

Our congratulations go to this month's winner Matt Hulkkonen of Lantana, Florida.  Matt receives an autographed Harrison Dillard card for his efforts.

For August 1999

"How many times did Frank Shorter win Japan's elite Fukuoka Marathon?"

Four times (consecutive, '70-'73) was the correct answer given by 37 entrants this month. Harold Or of Singapore was selected as the winner and Harold receives an autographed Frank Shorter US Olympic Hall of Fame card. Congrats!

For July 1999

"What was Kenyan legend Kipchoge Keino's running trademark?"

An even dozen entrants knew that Kip's trademark was his orange cap, which he would toss on the infield when he was ready to unleash his kick! Congratulations go to Andy Baksa, of Knoxville, Tennesee who was this month's winner. Andy receives an autograph by Kenyan Marathoner Joseph Kamau for his efforts.

For June 1999

"Who was the first woman to run under five minutes for the mile?"

An astounding 53 entrants knew that Diane Leather (GBR) ran the first sub-five minute mile for women. She ran 4:59.6 on May 29th, 1954. This occurred the same month as Bannister's classic sub-four effort. Ellen Parodi of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania receives an autographed Moses Tanui promo card as this month's winner. Congratulations Ellen!

For May 1999

"What is Marty Liquori's best time for the Mile?"

A record 47 people responded with the correct time of 3:52.2. Marty ran that time on May 17, 1975 in Kingston, Jamaica. Robyn Hoelker-Wright of St Charles, Missouri was selected as the very lucky winner this month. Robyn receives an autographed Marty Liquori Sportscaster card.

For April 1999

"What was the lowest winning height in the Men's High Jump to win an Olympic Gold Medal?"

In 1906 at the Intercalculated Olympic Games held in Athens, Cornelius Leahy (GBR/IRL) cleared 5' 10"(1.775m) to win the gold. Cornelius benefitted from the fact that the favorite, Herbert Kerrigan, was injured when a huge wave hit the ship that carried the US team to Athens.

A meager 14 entrants successfully answered this month's question, and our congratulations goes to John Reinhart of White Bear Lake, Minnesota who is this month's winner. John receives an autographed Dwight Stones Sportscaster card for reaching such heights!

For March 1999

"In what year were qualifying times instituted at the Boston Marathon?"

In 1970 the Boston Athletic Association resorted to qualifying standards in an attempt to limit the field which had grown to 1,152 in 1969. That was triple the number of entrants that had run just five years earlier.

Race co-director Jock Semple set four hours as the standard, and this would lead to the growing stature of Boston as the Holy Grail of marathoning. The increasingly difficult qualifying standard at Boston would be a motivational force for thousands of marathoners during the late '70s running boom, driving them to excel at the distance.

From 21 correct entries we have drawn the name of Jim Hansen of Nashua, New Hampshire as this month's winner. Jim receives an autographed Joan Benoit Samuelson card for his efforts!

For February 1999

"Who was the last American to hold the outdoor mile record before Jim Ryun set his mark in 1966?"

25 people knew that "Galloping" Glenn Cunningham was the previous US athlete to hold the world record for the mile. Glenn ran 4:06.8 in 1934. An autographed Khalid Khannouchi card will be awarded to this month's winner, Fred Link of Northboro, Massachusetts.

For January 1999

"In what city did Mike Powell set the World Record for the long jump?"

The correct answer of Tokyo, Japan was submitted by 20 people. Congratulations go to Joe Lion of Raleigh, NC for being selected this month's winner! Joe receives an autographed Mike Powell promo card.

For December 1998

"How many times has Steve Scott run a sub-four minute mile?"

25 entrants answered correctly this month. Steve Scott has run 136 (or 137, counting en route to a farther distance) sub four minute miles. Three winners were selected this month to celebrate our second anniversary online. Congratulations go out to Mike Deignan of Harrisburg, PA, Mark Richner of Naperville, IL and Berle Garris of Greer, SC. They each receive an autographed Steve Scott promo card.

For November 1998

"What are the names of at least two athletes who have won both an Olympic and Boston Marathon?"

23 knowledgeable contestants responded with at least two of the four possible answers. Joan Benoit Samuelson, Gelindo Bordin, Rosa Mota and Fatuma Roba all have won both marathons. Scott Steffen of Allen, Texas was selected as the winner of this month's prize, an autographed Olga Appell promo card.

For October 1998

"When Flo Jo set the 100 meters world record in 1988, who's mark did she shatter?"

An outstanding 20 entrants knew that Flo Jo blistered Evelyn Ashford's 1984 mark of 10.76 by turning a 10.49 at the 1988 US Olympic Trials.

Special congratulations to Cregg Weinmann of Bakersfield, California for being selected as this month's winner.
Cregg received an autographed Jim Spivey promo card for his efforts!

For September 1998

"In what year did Alberto Salazar first win the NYC Marathon?"

A record 25 people knew that Alberto Salazar won the NYC marathon in his debut performance in 1980.

Wendy Carr of Fredericksburg, Virginia received an Alberto Salazar autograph as this month's winner. Way to go Wendy!

For August 1998

"Native American Billy Mills can trace his ancestry to which tribe?"

23 people knew that Olympian Billy Mills can trace his heritage to the Oglala and Lakota Sioux.

Congratulations to all but especially to Thomas Menendez of Lewiston, Maine who was selected as this month's winner. Thomas received an autographed Billy Mills card.

For July 1998

"Who was the famous coach responsible for guiding Peter Snell to Olympic Gold?"

A record 24 entrants knew that Arthur Lydiard coached mile great Peter Snell to Olympic success.

Congratulations to Reagan Cunningham of Spokane, Washington for being selected as the winner of an autographed Peter Snell card.

For June 1998

"Which current U.S. Congressman has the fastest Personal Best time in the Mile?"

An astounding 19 entrants knew that the Honorable Congressman from Kansas, Jim Ryun, is the fastest miler in Washington. He has a personal best of 3:51.1.

Pat Link of Northboro, Massachusetts was selected as this month's winner, and received a promo card autographed by two time NYC Marathon winner German Silva.

For May 1998

"How many years in a row has a Kenyan runner won the men's open division of the Boston Marathon?"

12 people answered correctly with 8 years in a row.  

Scott Steffen of Allen, Texas was selected as the lucky winner, receiving a promo card signed by 1998 Boston Marathon Champion Moses Tanui.

For April 1998

"Who gave the Boston Marathon's "Heartbreak Hill" it's name?"

Jerry Nason, sportswriter for the Boston Globe, is credited with naming Heartbreak Hill.

Congratulations to JB Brown of Blacksburg, Virginia who received a 1997 Boston Marathon Poster signed by the artist.

For March 1998

"Name the first runner to break 4 minutes for the mile as a Master, and to make it a little tougher, what time did he run?"

Only 9 experts knew that Ireland's favorite son, Eamonn Coghlan, ran 3:58:15 on February 20, 1994 at Harvard's Gordon indoor track to be the first man over age 40 to break the 4 minute mile.

Jeff Wertman of Canton, Ohio had the luck of the Irish to be selected as the winner this month. He received an autographed Sonia O'Sullivan promo card for his efforts.

Sonia had a pretty good month too, as she became the first double Gold Medalist at the World Cross Country Championships in Marrakech, Morocco!

For February 1998

"Name the Olympic Cities where Al Oerter was awarded his Gold Medals."

An outstanding 19 people knew that Al Oerter struck Gold with his discus in four Olympic Games. Melbourne in 1956, Rome in 1960, Tokyo in 1964 and Mexico City in 1968.  

Congratulations to all, but especially to Rodger Smith of Scarborough, Maine who was selected as the winner of the autographed Al Oerter card.

For January 1998

"What is Roger Bannister's best time for the mile?"

Sir Roger ran 3:58.8 in his classic race with John Landy in Vancouver on August 7, 1954. Entering the home stretch Landy looked for Roger over his inside shoulder just as Bannister passed him on the outside. This was the last time Roger broke 4 minutes for the mile and he retired from racing soon after.

15 people answered correctly, and an autographed Joan Benoit Samuelson card was awarded to Amber Anderson of Omaha, Nebraska. Congratulations Amber!

For December 1997

"Who was the first to run an Olympic Marathon in less than 2 hours 10 minutes?"

18 people knew that Waldemar Cierpinski of the German Democratic Republic ran 2:09:55 in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Scott Steffen of Allen, Texas, Henry Hascup of Lodi, New Jersey and Bill Taylor of Camano Island, Washington, had their names drawn as the winners of our 3 autographed Frank Shorter cards. Congratulations to all!

For November 1997

"How many times did the lovely and gracious Grete Waitz win the New York City Marathon?"

The correct answer of 9 times was given by seven people.

Bob Niedbala of Willington, Connecticut was drawn as the winner of a 1976 Boston Marathon Champion Jack Fultz autograph. Congratulations Bob!

For October 1997

"In the 1967 Boston Marathon, what number was Kathrine Switzer wearing?"

Eleven people answered correctly with the number 261.  

Ron Miller of Ellicott City, Maryland was picked as the winner of two time Boston Marathon champion Geoff Smith's autograph.

For September 1997

"Who was the first person to break 27 minutes for 10,000 meters?"

Ten people had the correct answer of Yobes Ondieki of Kenya, who ran 26:58:38 in 1993.  

Jorma Ronkainen of Suomi, Finland was selected as the winner of a Joe LeMay autograph.

For August 1997

"Who was first person to break 3 minutes 50 seconds for the mile?"

Five people had the correct answer of John Walker of New Zealand, who ran 3:49.4 in 1975.  

Michael Musca of Ventura, California was selected as the winner of a promo card autographed by Steve Jones. Congratulations Michael!

For July 1997

"What brand of running shoes did Abebe Bikila wear in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Marathon?"

The answer is: Puma running shoes.

There were no correct entries for July. Too tough!

For June 1997

"What was Lindy Remigino's winning time in the 1952 Olympic 100 meter final?"

The answer is: 10.4 seconds. In one of the biggest upsets and closest finishes in sprint history, Lindy nipped Herbert McKenley (JAM) in a photo finish.  The first four places were all given the same finishing time.

We are happy to award  this month's winner, Jeff Benjamin of Staten Island, NY, a card autographed by Lindy Remigino, the double Gold Medalist in the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games.

For May 1997

"Who was the first American to run a sub-four minute mile indoors?"

The answer is: Jim Beatty.  On February 10, 1962 Jim ran 3:58.9 in Los Angeles, California. He had already run three sub-4 miles outdoors by that time, with a best of 3:58.

Congratulations to Ken Christensen of Minnesota for being first with the correct answer and winning a promo card autographed by Steve Scott.  Steve currently holds the American record for the mile, with the time of 3:47:69.

For April 1997

"Who won the Boston Marathon with the largest margin of victory?" (Men's Division)

The answer is: John J. McDermott. He won by 6 minutes, 52 seconds in the first running of the Boston Marathon in 1897.  

No one answered correctly.

For March 1997

"In what city was the starting line of the first marathon held in the USA?"

The answer is: Stamford, Connecticut. The first marathon in the United States was run from Stamford, CT to the Columbia Oval in New York City  in October of 1896. It was won by John J. McDermott in 3:25:55.
McDermott would go on to win the first Boston Marathon six months later.

Jeff Benjamin of Staten Island, NY receives our congratulations and a September 22, 1972 issue of Life Magazine featuring Frank Shorter on the cover, for being the first with the right answer.

For February 1997

"What is Steve Prefontaine's personal best for the 1 mile run?"

The answer is: 3:54.6.  Steve Prefontaine finished second to Dave Wottle in his fastest mile race at Eugene, Oregon on June 20, 1973.  Wottle won with a 3:53.3 clocking.

Congratulations to Graeme Fieldhouse of New Jersey, for nailing that question and winning a 1978 "Steve Prefontaine" Sportscaster card.

For January 1997

"In what year did Frank Shorter first run the Boston Marathon?"

The answer is: 1978.  Although Shorter won the 1972 Olympic Marathon, he had not raced at Boston before 1978 due to the B.A.A.'s refusal to pay "expenses" for elite athletes.

Congratulations to Ken Christensen of Minnesota, for having the correct answer and winning an autographed Frank Shorter Olympic card.

For December 1996:

"Who was the first woman to set the world best time for the womens' marathon?"

The answer is: Violet Percy of Great Britain.  She completed a marathon in 3:40:22 on October 3, 1926.

No one had the correct answer.

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