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A Week Late...But Still Great!

January 30, 2005 - A true Tradition Run rarity occured this year, for only the second time in it's history the race had to be postponed. Originally scheduled for the 23rd, the T-Run had to be run a week late as a blizzard hit New England, making the race, and driving to it just too dangerous. A few runners did make the run on the 23rd...And we admire your courage!

The official 2005 Bernie Jurale Memorial Tradition Run took place on January 30th. This is a 3.1 mile jaunt up a mountain, through the ice and snow, finishing at Castle Craig in Meriden, Connecticut. Bernie began this madness in 1970 by making this run on his 70th birthday. As the years went by more and more runners joined in.

As race day dawned it was a clear, calm day, temperature in the 30's with a mere 1 inch of snow dropping overnight. 130 runners embraced the challenge of the mountain.

This run requires a certain fanatical dedication to the sport. As you can see by the lack of spectators, the reward here is experiencing running at it's most basic. It's like stepping back to a different era, no balloons, no music blaring, no fanfare, just footsteps and rhythmic breathing...and a certain concern about one big hill.

Cruising along the road by the reservoir in the first mile, the leader stretches out the field. It's nothing but chill air in the shadow of the trees. The lake is a carpet of white.

Mile 2 carries you over the dam, the leader being reeled in. There is no truth to the rumor that Iditarod entrants train here. So where's this big hill we've heard so much about?

The point of no return. As you round this corner you have covered half the race distance...But all the pain is yet to come. The hill relentlessly rises upward from here, gaining over 500 feet in elevation over the next 1.5 miles. At least the road is visible this year!

Finishing Mile 2, and the lead runners are grinding it out.

"The Wall" is the steepest part of the course. It resides in the final half mile and is the last cruel twist this race has to offer. Just as you expect to see Castle Craig and the finish line, this shockingly steep hill tests your willpower.

Castle Craig lies just beyond the crest of "The Wall". You will have to earn it.

The frigid finish line at Castle Craig, with a view stretching to Long Island Sound.
Join us on January 15, 2006 for the 37th running!

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