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The 33rd Tradition Run
January 20, 2002
Meriden, Connecticut USA

Sunshine and Fresh Powder

The 2002 Race Patch

If you had to get up early and shovel your driveway, if nobody will go with you to watch the race, if the glare off the snow makes you reach for your sunglasses...It must the Tradition Run.

It had been the mildest winter in recent memory. No snow for Christmas. No snow for New Year's Eve. But if you had watched the Patriots/Raiders Snow Bowl you knew that winter in New England arrived the night before the Tradition Run.

Five inches of fresh powder dropped on the mountain in Meriden on Saturday night, but race day would dawn sunny and bright.

Race Director Chris Bourdon arranged to have the course plowed...But no sand, thank you very much.

Sand is for wimps.

Race Director Chris Bourdon gives the final instructions.

Slip-Sliding Away

Going up.

Over 100 runners charged up the first grade in balmy 40 degree weather. Footing was poor. The new snow soon clogged the treads of those high priced running shoes...

Bernie Jurale started the tradition by running this course on his 70th birthday. Couldn't have been born in May, could ya Bernie?

Reservoir Road

Mile One flattens out and gently curves along the edge of the reservoir. We were spared the cutting lake wind this year, it was calm and still. The only sound was the crunch of snow underfoot.

Notice the way the hill angles up to the left in the picture above. That can't be good...

A Mole Hill

Just to hint at what is to come, a small hill rises at the end of the first mile. Running down the back side of this little hill the top priority is avoiding an embarassing fall. It is slick.

The dam has seen the sun all morning and
runners just cruise on the clear pavement.

And So It Begins

Round this corner and you will be looking up. For a full mile the grade is a steady unforgiving climb that defines the word "grind". Note the nice white clogged soles.

2 Miles

Mile Two is marked by a traffic cone and a runner that appears to be surrendering. Don't give up yet...You'll have reason to walk soon enough.

The Wall

Steep, slippery, harsh.

Did I mention steep?

You just don't seem to have a gear low enough for The Wall.

This is the final challenge.

You are so close to the finish...Just past the frowning cliff face, over the sunlit crest of The Wall you'll break into the clearing and see the finish...

The Finish Line

In the tradition of New England road races from decades past, a low tech finish line greets the determined.

The High Point

The day isn't complete without a visit to the top of Castle Craig. Runners received a commemorative patch, certificate and a T-shirt with this design.

Don't miss the 34th running in 2003!


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